Original gifts and surprises for her husband on his anniversary


It’s nice to receive gifts, but giving them is even more fun. A wedding anniversary is a wonderful occasion to make an original gift for your soulmate. Each loving woman dreams of making her present a happy husband or a long-held dream. But what to do if the cherished date is approaching, and what to give her husband for his wedding anniversary is still an open question? The gift ideas presented below should help a loving wife decide on a suitable option for her spouse..

Gifts for a practical man

It's no secret that girls can be delighted even with a sheer trinket - a beautiful figurine, an elegant cup in the form of a rose, a small picture with a pretty landscape. However, men can have a completely different attitude to things, so the donor must constantly remember that the gift is for the husband, and therefore, must meet the needs of the hero of the occasion. If you are married to a practical man, there is nothing better than giving a useful gift. Think of this:

  • Hobbies or hobbies. Remember what your husband is fond of. Perhaps the spouse is a fisherman, then give the hero of the occasion something fishing related. It can be a beautiful book with fishing secrets and colorful pictures or a new expensive bauble..
  • Certificate. If you know your husband’s hobby well, but don’t understand it, consider purchasing a gift certificate from a specialty store for your wedding anniversary. This will save you from the fatal mistake of buying something useless, and will also enable the hero of the occasion to choose the perfect thing for himself.
  • Electronic equipment. Most men love and understand various kinds of technical accessories, as well as follow the latest news, read reviews of the released «of toys». To really make your husband happy with such things, give him a technical novelty - a recently released player, new speakers for your computer, a stylish watch with a heart rate monitor, an expensive phone, a convenient work tablet, etc..

Useful gadgets for men

  • For a businessman. If the husband is involved in business, meets with different people every day to discuss business matters, give him something emphasizing his wedding anniversary. It can be a new leather business card holder, an expensive ink pen, high-quality Swiss watches.
  • Clothing. Many wives know the taste of their husbands very well, and often they themselves choose their clothes. If you are one of them, give your spouse a stylish thing, but in this case the present may seem ordinary to the hero of the occasion.

Anniversary Gifts

Each anniversary after the day of marriage has its own symbol that defines the name of the wedding anniversary. Wedding symbols allow the heroes of the occasion to give each other unusual original gifts, based on the significance of the upcoming date. What to present for different wedding anniversaries:

1 year - chintz wedding. Many wives ask themselves what to give their husband on the first wedding anniversary, the symbol of which is chintz - a simple natural material. An ideal symbolic gift would be a handkerchief or pocket square with her husband's initials, as well as items of clothing (optionally chintz). A good tie, a jacket or even new bedding - do not be afraid, give fabric gifts.

Handkerchief in pocket

2 years - paper wedding. There are many ideas for what to present on a paper wedding anniversary, because so many useful and pleasant things are made of paper. Get a stylish, convenient diary for your spouse, an interesting book that your husband has long dreamed about, a gift certificate from your favorite celebration hero shop, tickets for a concert of your favorite band.

5 years - a wooden wedding. There are many wonderful wooden presents for your husband, which will be a great solution for the fifth wedding anniversary: ​​it can be elegant wooden tubes with carvings, pen holders, massive wooden watches. Simple and cute souvenirs are also suitable - wooden figurines of a couple, animals (swans, turtles, elephants).

10 years - a pink or tin wedding. Having lived together so much time, the heroes of the occasion are surely aware of each other's preferences, as well as cherished desires. Based on the symbols of the wedding anniversary, the wife can give her husband something with tin elements: tin figures, sets of stylish glasses, a pocket flask.

Pew flask - a beautiful present

Gift for the soul

Practical, useful things are great, but sometimes you want to get something that will give a pleasant feeling. Examples of gifts that will please her husband and give him unforgettable emotions during and after the holiday:

  • All kinds of entertainment. Your husband cherished the dream of a parachute jump for a long time, but there was no time, money, motivation? Buy a gift certificate for him. If your favorite is a flight fan, but spends almost all his money on his family, save a little to give your husband unforgettable entertainment - flying next to a real pilot on an airplane. Do not skimp on choosing an exotic, original present - bungee jumping, paintball game, go-karting. Spouse will certainly appreciate such an event.
  • Trip. Almost everyone loves to travel, therefore, with a probability of 99.9%, the husband will like to get tickets for the wedding anniversary trip. This does not have to be expensive trips abroad, a cheaper, but no less pleasant option is also suitable - to go on a weekend to a beautiful city in the country or even rent a country house to relax there. Even eating a hotel room will be a good gift: you and your husband will be able to celebrate the anniversary, distracted from everyday life.
  • Toys Is your husband a child at heart? Then give him toys. A huge set of brand new, shiny tools, popular gadgets, a collection of several types of cigars, if the spouse smokes. Sometimes toys are not a metaphor, and a radio-controlled helicopter or a high-speed machine will become a perfectly appropriate gift..

Radio-controlled helicopter

  • Fun party with friends. For men, constantly disappearing at work, the anniversary is a great occasion to have fun. Give your husband a surprise party where you can invite close friends. Buy a good drink, organize fun contests, cook dinner - your work will not go unnoticed.
  • Book. A good, interesting book will never be superfluous. You probably know your husband well, so you can easily determine what he will be interested in: it can be an adventure novel, a new book by the beloved writer of the hero of the occasion, a guide that will help your spouse better understand a hobby or hobby.

Romantic gift

To strengthen relations, to return marriage to a novelty, make it a rule to give romantic things: they will bring your couple even closer.

  • Joint photo shoot. A love-story style photo shoot is a present for the two of you. You can go for a walk with a real professional who will not only take high-quality photos, but also take a beautiful, romantic video. Later you can choose a song for the video together..
  • Fulfillment of desires. For young people who are tired of everyday life, the following option is suitable: before the wedding anniversary, write down all your desires regarding each other, even the most intimate and piquant. In the morning, exchange cards with wish-notes (agree that, for example, there should be no more than five of them). Devote a day to fulfilling the wishes of your husband, and the spouse will gladly fulfill yours in return. Please note that desires should not be too difficult to fulfill, and also pleasant to your partner.
  • Paired gifts. To emphasize your deep connection, on the anniversary, give your husband a watch, a chain or another accessory, buying yourself the same, only in the female version. It can also be perfume - some good companies produce odors for two.
  • Engraving. The new engraving (inscription, symbol, sign) decorating the wedding rings will be a wonderful anniversary option.
  • Picnic. A romantic lunch in the park during a warm season is a great opportunity to escape from the everyday hustle, chat, listen to music.


Intimate gift

If you are passionately in love with your spouse and have no restrictions on the sexual order, give your husband a gift that will absolutely not leave the hero of the occasion indifferent - intimate. There are several options for an erotic presentation: for example, you can buy new sexy lingerie with lace, a corset, add stockings on suspenders, gloves, do fatal makeup, styling and wait for your husband on a bed strewn with rose petals - this image will surely win the heart of your husband.

Provided that your husband wanted to try something new, and you put it off or were embarrassed to do it, it's time to give him the opportunity to fulfill his wish. Leave the other half of a note with hints a few days before the anniversary - this «heats up» hero of the occasion. However, remember that you must be completely open to the new and ready for experimentation, but you should not do what you do not like, it will only spoil the festive evening.

Another good option that you can give your husband on an intimate wedding anniversary is a sexy dance - striptease. Before the anniversary, take a few strip dance lessons to make the dance look great, select the appropriate music, dim the lights, wait for your husband to arrive - and voila! After such a presentation, an awesome night awaits you and laudatory odes after it.

Girl dancing striptease

Choose what to present to your husband based on your man’s hobbies, hobbies, your joint affairs and memories. Remember that the main thing is the love between you, which you give each other every day. Listen to the heart: it will certainly help you choose the right thing for the second half.