Crystal wedding - 15 years. Glass wedding


The fifteenth wedding anniversary is called crystal. The anniversary received its name recently, and earlier, 15 years of marriage were called a glass wedding. Crystal wedding got its name due to the fact that by this time the relationship becomes transparent, beautiful, like crystal, but at the same time remain fragile, able to break from the slightest misconduct. It is necessary to celebrate the anniversary of 15 years of wedding, and the main question remains: how is it better to celebrate?

Customs and traditions of crystal wedding

A crystal wedding is the fifteenth anniversary of marriage; it has its own customs, traditions, whether or not to adhere to it - it's up to you. Traditionally, this holiday gathers all relatives, friends and relatives, not only those who were present during the announcement of the couple by husband and wife, but also those whom the couple met, made friends for 15 years of marriage.

It was considered an ancient tradition for a crystal wedding to break old mirrors, which were looked at by previous generations, which in its time saw sorrows, quarrels, tears of disappointment, as well as a sincere smile. It is believed that in this way the family gets rid of the difficulties of the past years, negative energy, leaving only pleasant, bright, cheerful moments in memories and in life.

Musicians on the 15th wedding anniversary

How to celebrate a wedding anniversary of 15 years?

The fifteenth wedding anniversary is an important date in the life of the spouses, therefore it must be celebrated with a grand scale. Moreover, age allows you to spend time the way you want. How to do it, where it is better to hold a celebration, whom to invite, how to amuse guests - issues that are relevant for many on the eve of the celebration.

Choosing a venue for the celebration

A crystal wedding is a significant event, which I definitely want to celebrate to the fullest, so that this day will be remembered no less than the day of the wedding. An ideal venue for a celebration is a restaurant, an ordinary cafe, a banquet hall. It is beautiful when tables are used round. Decorate the room with flowers, decorative balloons, balloons, various decor.

Table decoration for a glass wedding

Choose a room is small, but such that all guests are accommodated, feel comfortable. The atmosphere should be comfortable, it is better that the colors in the design are light, delicate, unobtrusive. To cheer guests, you need to hold small comic contests or games. And you don’t have to be bored at all - invite the master of host with musical accompaniment, he will cheer you up, stir up the guests, make your holiday truly fun.

What to wear for spouses

The anniversary of the fifteenth anniversary of the marriage is a real celebration for the spouses, because the heroes of the occasion should look their best. What is better to wear on the 15th anniversary of family life:

  • An elegant dress of light colors or a trouser suit is ideal for a spouse. A light chiffon blouse with a skirt narrowed to the bottom (if suitable for the figure) will look good. In the case when the spouse has magnificent forms, it is better to pay attention to loose evening-style dresses that emphasize the advantages, hiding the flaws of the figure.

Dress for the wife on the 15th wedding anniversary
  • A suit that is similar to the one that was on it on the day of the wedding is perfect for the spouse. If the celebration falls on summer time, then a light suit made of natural fabrics (linen, silk, etc.) in light shades is perfect.

Who to invite

The fifteenth wedding anniversary is a family holiday, to which you should definitely invite friends, relatives, relatives - parents, children. Parents symbolize a tribute to the older generation. A child is a continuation of a family, family tradition of creating a family and living in love, harmony, fidelity, therefore you should not leave children without attention.

Friends are also irreplaceable people who at some points help and support more than relatives, because without them celebration is simply impossible. Yes, with whom else is it possible to have fun, to share happiness, if not with your beloved friends on the fifteenth anniversary of the family?

Glass wedding with family

What should be on the table

An anniversary wedding is a holiday for the whole family, with dancing, fun, delicious snacks on the festive table. What dishes you choose for the celebration, depends on your taste preferences, wishes. It can be traditional salads, cold appetizers and hot dishes, or you can organize an original theme party, for example, in a sushi restaurant.

Glass Anniversary Table Setting

The table should be served with crystal glasses, symbolizing the date for which all the guests gathered. Crystal salad bowls and scissors traditional for Soviet times will also not be superfluous during the holiday. Glassware, which has been very popular recently, also looks good..

Do not forget that no anniversary is complete without a cake, because it must be ordered in advance. The dessert design ideas vary, modern pastry chefs are ready to offer one big cake, a lot of small cupcakes, and personalized cookies - all so that the heroes of the occasion and their guests will be happy with the final chord of the banquet.

Cake for fifteen years of marriage

Crystal Wedding Scenario

A crystal (glass) wedding is a special day when you celebrate your family's birthday. 15 years is almost the age of the family, when you are already standing firmly on your feet, leaning on each other and supporting your partner. This day should be celebrated with fun, in a good mood. To do this, you need to plan events, writing a script. For this holiday, the standard scenario of the jubilee is quite suitable, only instead of the jubilee there will be a family and there will be two heroes of the occasion.

Glass Wedding Anniversary Competitions

For 15 years of the wedding, the script should include congratulations, funny incendiary dances, various contests. But at the same time, the host of the event should take into account that those gathered will want to take a break for a while, talk about their innermost, share their grief and joy. To do this, guests should take time so that they can enjoy the company, discuss urgent problems..

What to give for a 15 year wedding

A glass wedding is different in that you don’t have to think much about the gift, because they are easy to coincide with the symbol of the anniversary - glass, crystal. Giving various crystal products is a sign of good taste, because nowadays manufacturers offer a great selection of things - dishes and souvenirs, interior crystal products. If you are going to visit where the crystal anniversary wedding is celebrated, then it’s quite suitable: services (plates, cups, coasters), a set of elegant crystal glasses, glasses, as well as vases, figurines, other trifles.

A set of dishes for a glass wedding

It’s not difficult to choose a perfect gift for your spouse, rock crystal jewelry, a new chandelier with durable crystal crystals in your bedroom, perfumes in an original, faceted package are perfect. If you want to stand out, make a beautiful engraving (for example, the name of your beloved, wedding date), thereby showing that the gift was made with all my heart and soul. And do not forget about the bouquet, not a single celebration should be complete without this sign of attention, because your spouse-wife deserved it.

Gift to his wife for a glass anniversary

For your spouse, choose a beautiful ashtray (if your husband smokes), beautiful candlesticks with candles, under the glow of which you can organize a beautiful romantic evening while drinking expensive champagne from crystal glasses. You can also choose a picture under glass or a bottle with a boat or a machine inside.

Anniversary gift for spouse

Crystal Wedding Greetings

The fifteenth wedding anniversary is a real celebration for a married couple, because it can not do without congratulations. You can easily find and choose a beautiful congratulation on the subject «crystal (glass) wedding» in poetry or in prose. If there is no way to congratulate in person, it is possible to send a beautiful or cool SMS message.

Glass Wedding Greetings

You can also make an original congratulation yourself, using a computer, beautiful postcards from the Internet and a couple of photos of the heroes of the occasion. An example of such a congratulation look at the video:

A crystal wedding (15 years, a glass wedding) is the last annual date, then the countdown will go on for five years, because the final anniversary should be noted with dignity. It is worth remembering that crystal is a clean, transparent, sonorous material, but fragile. So is your relationship - they have already been established, have gotten a little stronger, but remain fragile and vulnerable, therefore you should carefully treat each other, value your family and keep the family hearth. Everything will work out if you do it with love.

Do you have to organize a fifteen-year wedding anniversary? Or have you recently attended such an event? Share your impression, thoughts, emotions, ideas, leaving a comment or review.