41 years of marriage, what a wedding


Forty-one years have already passed since the day when the bride and groom became spouses. If ten, twenty, thirty years ago there were still minor omissions, quarrels or conflicts, then at this stage nothing of the kind is happening. The culprits of the celebration became one, having managed to maintain a strong relationship for many years. Surely the jubilees are already more than sixty years old, they have children, and children have raised or raised grandchildren, so the best way to spend the forty-first wedding anniversary is to invite your closest ones.

What is the name of the 41st wedding anniversary??

After the ruby ​​wedding, which is celebrated in honor of forty years of marriage, an interesting holiday comes - an earthen wedding. If the previous anniversary hints that the joint life of the newlyweds is a jewel that needs to be stored and protected, then the earth speaks of the strength and durability of marital relations. On the day of the earthen wedding, the heroes of the occasion will celebrate together a path that may not always be smooth, sometimes difficult and impassable, with descents and climbs, but in the end led them to what is: a strong family where love reigns.

Earlier, an earthen wedding didn’t have such a name, and it was rarely celebrated, but modern people consider it important to appreciate every year spent together, hence this symbolism appeared on the forty-first anniversary. Sometimes this anniversary is called the iron, although traditionally the iron wedding is celebrated after sixty-five years of marriage. The earth symbolizes abundance, fertility, stability, and this means that for the earthen wedding the heroes of the occasion have already achieved everything that they wanted, they gave birth to children, they waited for the appearance of grandchildren.

Earth - a symbol of the forty-first anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Greeting Options

Even if the heroes of the day did not want to have dinner, and even more so a magnificent feast, probably close people will want to congratulate the heroes of the occasion with an earthen wedding. How to do this is a fantasy. Children can independently come up with congratulations on this festive day, linking their wishes with the earth, because the name of this anniversary is young. It is unlikely that the Internet there are many options for beautiful texts with a reference to the symbol of the holiday. However, close relatives and friends can redo the found congratulations, honoring the long marriage of the heroes of the occasion.

Beautiful wishes in verses

Sometimes you really want to make a truly beautiful, solemn congratulation, especially if it concerns the one you love with all your heart. If in a family or in a circle of close friends there is a person with a talent for versification, then there is nothing better than writing a beautiful wish to the anniversaries in verse. The elderly, who every year more and more appreciate the attention of their beloved friends and relatives, will be delighted with this. If you want a poetic congratulation, but do not go out to write, it should be ordered from the poet.

Earthy Wedding Greetings

Short SMS Congratulations

It happens that close people live far from the heroes of the occasion, are abroad or simply do not have enough time to make a phone call. Then you need to write an original short congratulation on an earthen wedding. One has only to make sure that the spouses are able to deal with SMS messages, because it is known how hard technical innovations are given to people after sixty years. A beautiful message will please anniversaries, but it’s better to spend a minute on a phone call - they will be pleased.

Gift Ideas for 41 Years of Living Together

There are a lot of gift ideas for the forty-first wedding anniversary, because for a long time this date had no symbolism, so the traditions of donating things related to the earth are still being formed. It’s better to give something symbolic, touching, or vice versa - useful, it all depends on who the donor is. What can be gifts for the anniversary dedicated to the earthen wedding:

  • Gifts from spouses to each other. By the time of the celebration of this date, the heroes of the occasion probably have well studied the habits of their halves, and trusting relationships make it easy to understand what is currently most needed by the partner. This may be the thing that the culprit of the earthen wedding dreamed about. A wife can give her beloved a beautiful watch, and he can give her some kind of jewelry. The main thing is to remember the tastes of the person who invents the gift, then the hero of the day will definitely like it.
  • Gifts from children and grandchildren. Most of all, the heroes of the occasion, having lived together to such a venerable age, dream of seeing their continuation next to them - children and grandchildren, so the best gift that close relatives can bring is to pay attention to the couple. Any other gifts are just a nice bonus. At an earthy wedding, children can present a touching video congratulation or photo presentation to their father and mother to their favorite music of anniversaries with their old photographs, draw a postcard, order a portrait. Watch interesting video greetings:
  • Also, close relatives probably know well what the heroes of the occasion lack at home - maybe it is time for the mistress of the house to update the set of knives or is she long dreaming of a double boiler? Think about what gift will be useful for a couple celebrating an earthen wedding, which will simplify their life..
  • Gifts from friends. Some friends walked with the jubilees side by side almost all their life, they know their character, so they can come up with a great congratulation. Perhaps it will be something inexpensive, like a figurine with two swans, beautiful candlesticks, a casket, but for sure the gift will delight the heroes of the occasion.

Should I celebrate this non-round date?

The heroes of the occasion rightly raise the question: is it worth marking the date after the recently celebrated ruby ​​wedding, which falls on just a round number - forty? On the one hand, it is completely optional to celebrate an earthen wedding, but on the other, nothing prevents it. Traditionally, the couple spend this day at home, together receiving phone calls and SMS congratulations from their children and grandchildren. On this day, it is not customary to set the table, call guests, arrange a large-scale event - as a rule, heroes of the occasion can simply enjoy each other.

Anniversary Day Anniversary Cake

However, there are people who have lived together for so many years and have not lost the desire for a holiday, especially on such occasions as wedding anniversaries. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the forty-one year of living together, if this is the heart. It is hardly appropriate to organize a lavish feast with dozens of guests, but a family dinner together with children and grandchildren, close friends is an excellent occasion to congratulate each other on an earthy wedding, to remember the years lived together, to thank your partner for having been near and close to so many years so far.

If the heroes of the occasion do not want to convene their relatives, and the forty-first anniversary of the earthen wedding is on a weekday, the couple can arrange a celebration for only two: exchange gifts in the morning, then have breakfast, go for a walk in the city center or the countryside. Along the way, you can book a table in your favorite restaurant (for example, where the best wedding anniversary was once held), have a good lunch there, go for a walk again or go home. This romantic exit during an earthen wedding will remind the heroes of the occasion how good it is to be together.

Elderly people have dinner in a restaurant

Whatever variant of spending time the spouses choose on the day of the earthen wedding, the most important thing is not to forget to congratulate each other, to pay attention to the second half. Let this holiday not be loud, but it is extremely important to spend the day of the forty-first anniversary nearby. So the heroes of the day will be a little distracted from everyday life to remember that first day - a green wedding that forever united their hearts.