A wreath of fresh flowers - the crown of the bride


Flowers are a surprisingly feminine decoration that suits almost every bride. On the one hand, plants can be woven into hair, creating complex hairstyles that often hamper movement. A wreath is a great alternative to both headwear and veil. Fresh flowers in a wreath perfectly decorate the image of the bride and at the same time are convenient as an element of the outfit.

Many girls know how to weave wreaths of wildflowers. However, a wedding accessory is somewhat more difficult to manufacture. The wedding portal www.articlewedding.com advises to stock up on professional florist materials, purchase your favorite flowers and ornamental plants, and start creating.

Romantic bride wreath
Feminine wreath of the bride

Materials and tools:

  • plants (flowers, leaves, buds, buds, greens, etc.);
  • floristic ribbon;
  • floristic wire;
  • scissors.

Materials for making a wreath of fresh flowers

Detailed instructions:

Take several pieces of floristic wire and connect them with a floristic tape (the ends should be facing each other a few centimeters for reliable fastening). Tape the entire wire with tape. Make sure the diameter of the wreath is correct, however leave «stock» in case you need to fix something.

Connect the wire to the base

Take care of the flowers. Pass the wire under the flower head.

Pass the wire under the flower head

Lower the ends of the wire down and wrap the stem with tape. The wire allows you to shape the flowers in the wreath, and the ribbon retains fluid.

Lower the ends of the wire

Keep working with colors. If desired, small combinations can be made of several colors. For convenience, always leave the stem 5-6 centimeters, cut the rest.

Wrap the stem with floral tape

Start fixing plants on a wire hoop (use tape). Create a wreath as you wish: sophisticated or lush, with lots of greenery or large flowers. The main thing is fantasy and creativity.

Decorate the base of the wreath with floral arrangements

If any plants «are sitting» not right, you can give them the right shape thanks to the wire contained in the stems.

Shape the flowers

When all the plants are attached to the wreath, you can connect the ends of the hoop in two ways. Firstly, wrap them with ribbon, as was already done in the case of flowers (however, on a magnificent wreath this is quite difficult to do). Secondly, one end can be bent like a hook, and the second can be made into a ring. So, you can easily button the wreath.

Make a wreath hook

A wreath of fresh flowers for the bride is ready!

DIY flower wreath
Ready-made wreath of fresh flowers

Application options

To be sure, practice making the wreath in advance. For the first «samples» pick wildflowers so you don’t inflate your wedding budget. The site www.articlewedding.com is convinced that a wreath of fresh flowers is a magnificent decoration of the bride at weddings in spring and summer. He makes the bride young and infinitely feminine.

The more interesting the flowers, the more original the wreath will be. Emphasize the color of eyes or skin, create romantic or exotic wreaths. A wreath in a certain color will help to complement the image of the bride at themed weddings. A gentle option is to put on a thin wreath over the veil, as the brides did several centuries ago. In addition, a wreath of fresh flowers is good at hen parties. This accessory will help to highlight the bride among girlfriends.

DIY wreath of the bride
Bright wreath in the image of a bride
Bride in a wreath of fresh flowers
Volumetric wreath of the bride
Bride in a wreath over a veil
Bride in a wreath at a spring wedding
The wreath emphasizes the color of the eyes of the bride

A wreath of fresh flowers will emphasize the youth and femininity of the bride. Accessory for the bride can be made independently. And thanks to the variety of plants, you can achieve truly amazing results..