Chiffon Flower for Wedding Shoes


The bride is a sublime and light creature, angelic and magical. To emphasize the beauty of the wedding image of the bride will help both the correct style of the wedding dress, and well-chosen accessories.

Chiffon flowers are great for creating a romantic wedding look. They can be made with your own hands and decorate them with wedding shoes. The wedding portal wishes you easy and elegant steps in a new life!

DIY chiffon flower shoes
Graceful bride shoes with chiffon flowers

Materials and tools:

  • chiffon (not less than 50 * 50 cm);
  • scissors;
  • pencil or crayon;
  • thick cardboard or postcard;
  • clamp (ask at hardware and fabric stores);
  • a thread;
  • needle;
  • fabric glue or gun glue.

Materials for making chiffon flower for shoes

Detailed instructions:

Fold a square piece of chiffon fabric until you get a lot of layers. Fold in half and half again, as you do with kitchen towels. Put a round object on top and circle a circle. This will be the approximate size of your flower..

Draw a circle on the chiffon layers

Staple chiffon layers together with needles or pins. Gently cut the layers along the contour. So you got a lot of chiffon circles.

Cut out the chiffon circles
Cut Chiffon Mugs

Fold each circle in half, again in half, etc. You should get multi-layered triangles. Grab each one with a needle or pin at the base.

Fold each chiffon circle several times
Shape Chiffon Triangles
Top view of a chiffon triangle

Take two layered triangles and sew them at the base.

Sew the blanks
Sew stitches at the bottom of the triangles

Add new and new triangles, form a pompom. Do not worry if the stitches do not come out very flat. When the pompom is fully assembled, no seams will be visible. The more detail, the more fluffy the pompom flower will turn out.

The more triangles, the more voluminous the flower

Spread the top of the flower. Cut off the extra "tails" of the triangles to make the product tidy.

Fluff the flower
Trim excess fabric

Cut a small circle out of thick cardboard. In size, it should cover the base of the flower. The base of the flower will be attached to the upper side of the circle, and a clip to the lower side.

Cut a cardboard circle for the base of the flower

Glue the cardboard circle to the flower. Wait for the glue to dry..

Glue the blank to the flower

Now glue the clip to the baseboard.

Glue the clip onto the cardboard

Fasten the flower to the shoe. Done!

Fasten the flower to the shoes

Application options

The airy chiffon flower is a wonderful decoration for the bride’s shoes, the site is sure. When choosing a fabric, fold it several times to understand what the final tone of the flower will be. If the tone of the flower is slightly lighter than the dress and shoes, it may seem that the shoes or hem of the dress are dirty. Be sure to keep this in mind. A good option is to use trim from a dress or veil (but even then check the tone).

Sandals with flowers
Chiffon pompom bride shoes
Graceful bride shoes with chiffon flowers
Chiffon flowers in the decor of shoes
Chiffon Pompoms for Shoes

Chiffon flowers can also be used in wedding decor. For example, large chiffon pompons are an excellent accessory for decorating a banquet hall, exit registration and photo shoot. Medium-sized flowers can be used to decorate wedding tables and decorate bonbonnieres, invitations, etc. In addition, ribbons with chiffon flowers can be useful as bracelets for bridesmaids.

Chiffon Wedding Bracelet
Chiffon Cake Flowers
Flower for gift decoration