Refined earrings for a feminine bride


What is the main thing in the wedding accessories of the bride and jewelry? Naturally, the quality of their materials and how convenient they are to use. It is very important that on such a significant and solemn day as a wedding, the bride look amazing, and also feel confident and comfortable.

So that the purchased jewelry does not cause inconvenience to the bride, the wedding portal provides brides with individual instructions for making wedding earrings. The manufacturing process of these earrings is very simple and does not require significant wedding expenses. Well, let's try?

Refined earrings for the bride

Materials and tools:

  • felt or foil fabric;
  • ruler;
  • a cylindrical object (for example, mascara or lipstick);
  • mini pliers;
  • mini nippers;
  • gold or silver wire for earrings (plus chain);

Materials for work

Detailed instructions:

It is necessary to start work by creating directly the most round base for earrings. Grip the end of the selected wire with your hand on one side of the tube of lipstick, with pliers on the other side and turn around the circle so that a circle forms from the wire. Fix the wire on the lipstick with your hands. Use felt fabric as the working surface..

Making a rounded base

Next, you can start cutting the chain. Make a few pieces of a chain of different lengths for a more delicate visual effect. You can use the ruler to cut equal parts. You can cut the chain using nippers.

Cut the chain

In this case, for each earring you will need 11 chains of different lengths. Again, the amount of such pieces depends only on your wishes..

Chains of different lengths - slicing

After all the necessary details are prepared, you can proceed to the collection of the product. String pieces of chains one at a time on a finished rounded base. For convenience, you can help yourself with pliers.

We string chains on a rounded base

We do the same with the second half of the product. Here is such an almost ready-made delicate and sophisticated earring you should get.

What a semi-finished chain earring looks like

At the final stage, it is necessary to bend the wire so that, in consequence, you do not lose the components of your accessory.

Earring clip

If the rounded base warps during operation, align it with the same lipstick packaging.

Level the product

That's all! Simple and charming wedding earrings are ready! You got a terrific homemade gift!

Finished Earrings

Application options

And so, you managed to complement the wedding image of the bride. Now the bride looks unique and feminine. Thanks to the resulting earrings, each girl can create an airy and sophisticated wedding look. But, how and where else can you use similar earrings?

Using a little ingenuity and imagination, the basis of these earrings can be used to create other wedding accessories. For example, why not try making a bracelet? Replace some materials as desired and increase the size of the product. In addition, you can make the same necklace. You will get a stunning wedding set.

If you still have earrings after the wedding, then you can give them to your younger sister or, possibly, to your daughter.

According to the website, a beautiful cascading model of the product can be used to create numerous decorative elements. For example, on the basis of this product, you can make decorations for a wedding arch, where newlyweds will swear oaths. Such an idea can help decorate a banquet hall or guest chairs. Even tablecloths can be picked up with multilevel fringe at the edges, not to mention the creation of a chandelier for a banquet room, decorated with many identical hanging elements.

Moreover, accessories such as cuffs are now in fashion. Try to make original cuffs from the same materials. The chain decoration on the bride’s foot will also look tender. Especially if a wedding is organized in nature, in particular on the beach. You can be sure that you will be the most modern and fashionable bride!

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