Charming bracelet for the bride


Accessories play an important role in creating the bride’s wedding look..

Firstly, with their help you can emphasize your best sides, for example, a bracelet will emphasize thin wrists, and a necklace will emphasize a beautiful neck.

Secondly, accessories always give a style of racy and unpredictability. They help to diversify the boring image. A white dress will not be your decoration if you do not add beautiful accessories to it that emphasize the beauty of your style.

The site suggests you to make a delicate bead bracelet yourself, which will become the highlight of your image and effectively complement your wedding outfit. Making such a bracelet is not difficult, and you can buy all materials, that is, beads and rhinestones in any online store. On the one hand, this decoration looks very simple. However, if you look at it from the other side, you will see how competently the color, texture and size of the bracelet are combined. If you still want to create something unique, then start the creative process soon!

Delicate turquoise bracelet

Materials and tools:

  • decorative ring with loops on both sides;
  • thread (or wire);
  • beads;
  • connecting metal rings;
  • hook - clasp;
  • rhinestone;
  • stopper;
  • nippers;
  • pliers;
  • pliers.


: 30 minutes,

Detailed instructions:

Before you begin, adjust the size of your future bracelet. Just estimate on your hand what length of wire or thread for the bracelet will be optimal. In our master class, we will use 2 pieces of wire 13 cm in size. As a result, we will get a bracelet with a length of 20 cm. Let's start with our jewelry. Hook a piece of wire over the ringlet of the decorative element and secure it with a stopper. A short piece of wire should not exceed 2.5 cm.

Connect the wire to the decorative element

Now let's start stringing the beads. Be sure to ensure that a short piece of wire also disappears under the beads. Fasten the end of the wire to the connecting ring and lock the wire again with a stopper. Cut the excess wire.

String the beads
Fix the end of the wire with a stopper

Repeat the same on the other side of the bracelet. Use the same number of beads so as not to stray and fine-tune the size of the bracelet. On the other hand, also fasten the connecting ring. Also, attach a fastener to one of the sides of the bracelet, to which you can add a beautiful pebble so that the bracelet looks even more festive and elegant.

Let's make the second side of the bracelet
Attach the clasp
Add a beautiful pebble

It remains only to fasten the bracelet, and the decoration is ready!

Bright bracelet is ready
Fashionable bracelet for the bride

Application options

Why spend money if you can make a unique bracelet for your wedding celebration? You can choose the beads that best suit your style. The color scheme will delight you with its variety. You can also alternate beads of different sizes to make the jewelry even more unusual. Also, ribbon bows are one fashionable accent this season. Just tie a small bow on the edge of the bracelet to make the wedding accessory even brighter. Stylish bracelets can also be used as bonbonnieres for bridesmaids. They will be surprised at such a stylish gift..

Bright accessory for a wedding
Luxurious Wedding Accessory
Delicate wedding bracelet
Stylish bridal bracelet
Charming bracelet for the bride

The wedding portal recommends that you carefully read the step-by-step instructions so as not to make mistakes. Photos will help you visually see the sequence of actions. Try to make every effort so that you get a great wedding accessory, which can then be used for other events!