Delicate bracelet of roses for the bride


Preparing for the wedding gives a lot of joy and, at the same time, trouble for the main heroes of the occasion: the bride and groom. They should look irresistible and harmonious, shine throughout the day and capture the eyes of their guests. The selection of images begins with determining the theme of the wedding, and often the groom’s outfit and accessories pick up and complement the bride’s style.

Girls in this case have a lot more difficult. To assemble a holistic ensemble that emphasizes the natural beauty, it takes a lot of effort and time. The bride will have to choose a luxurious dress, a suitable wedding hairstyle and makeup, an ideal bouquet, but the image will be completed only after the acquisition of jewelry and jewelry. On the market today you can see many offers in the field of wedding accessories, but every girl wants to have an individual and unique style. helps you get creative and reduce accessories costs. Feminine and unusual bracelet, which you can do with your own hands from simple materials, can make a splash.

Luxurious bracelet for the bride

Materials and tools:

  • two small strips of felt;
  • scissors;
  • Velcro
  • sewing machine;
  • needle with thread or glue;
  • a bouquet of artificial flowers;
  • beads.


: 30-40 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Each bride will be able to show her talent and complete the thoughtful image with a bright and stylish element - an exquisite bracelet. In order to get started, you need to prepare all the materials and details for future decoration. The master class will take you a little more than half an hour, while it will bring a lot of pleasure, and you will get a wonderful result.

First, measure the girth of the wrist and cut out two corresponding strips of felt about 3.5 cm wide, leaving small allowances of 1.5-2 cm at the ends. After that, you need to take Velcro and cut a 2x1.5 cm rectangle from it, which further it will become a bracelet fastener. Place the separated parts of Velcro at the ends of the felt strips..

Cut the pieces out of felt

At the next stage, we need a sewing machine with a thread of the same shade tucked into it as the base of the bracelet. We attach Velcro to the ends of the felt bases. After that, we fold the two strips so that the Velcro is on the outside at opposite ends. Using a sewing machine, we will make the final lines around the perimeter of the felt strip and get the base of the bracelet.

Sew Velcro to the felt
Sew Velcro on both sides of the strip
Get the base of the bracelet

Ahead is the most crucial moment - product decoration. This is very easy to do by dismantling a bunch of artificial flowers and separating unnecessary plastic elements or buds from fabric from it. It takes about six medium-sized flowers.

Bouquet of artificial flowers
Separate the flowers from the bouquet

Petals or buds need to be interconnected using liquid glue or thread with a needle. After this, the flowers need to be pinned to the base of the bracelet, and then cover the junction with a beautiful bead. Now the product is completely ready! This beautiful and elegant bracelet will not go unnoticed on the wedding day..

It turned out a cute bracelet
Delicate bracelet is ready

Application options

This workshop told you how easy it is to make a luxurious wedding accessory yourself. You can easily repeat every step, even if you do not have special needlework skills. At the same time, to create a harmonious wedding style, you can use different colors of materials that will perfectly match the wedding dress.!

Creative bracelet
Delicate fabric bracelet
Bridal bracelet

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