Delicate lace garter for the bride


The garter of the bride can be called a kind of talisman and a piece of happiness for those who have not yet found their love. This wedding accessory of the newlywed gives hope for the speedy finding of a second half for all single guests.

Externally, the bride’s garter is a thin or wide ribbon with an abundance of various trifles: rhinestone, flowers, bows. This piquant little thing, which is an intimate part of the wardrobe, excites the consciousness of the groom, who is looking forward to the moment when this accessory can be removed.

Previously, garters were given the role of maintaining stockings, but today this elegant attribute of a bride and groom has a purely aesthetic role. Depending on the garter model, the accessory gives its owner a playfulness, sexuality and mystery.

Today you have a chance to get acquainted with an interesting wedding master class on making lace garter, the instruction of which is provided in detail by the portal

Newlywed Garter
Openwork garter with initials

Materials and tools:

  • sewing machine;
  • lace of your choice;
  • tape of your choice;
  • threads in the color of the tape;
  • rubber;
  • pin;
  • scissors;
  • roulette;
  • decorative accessories.

Materials for work


1 hour.

Detailed instructions:

This workshop is very simple and you can easily complete the task. To create an elegant accessory, you need to follow a few simple steps. The very first thing you should start with is to determine the length of your future garter. Each of you will have your own individual parameters. Measure with tape the area of ​​the leg where you will have the garter. Add another seven centimeters to the resulting number. Cut the lace and ribbon of the resulting length. The length of the elastic will be three centimeters less than the original length of the ribbon and lace (before adding 7 cm).

Cut the required tape length

Next, what you need to do is to sew the tape to the surface of the lace. Keep the seams even..

Sew the ribbon to the lace

When you make the first seam, your part will look like this:

The first line of stitches

For better fixation and reliability of the product, we lay the second seam. Look at the photo where the second seam should go.

Second seam

Then you need to insert the rubber into the product. Here you will need a pin, which must be attached to the edge of the elastic and stretch along the entire length of the garter. Since the length of the gum is shorter, do not miss its second edge, it would be better if you fasten it with something for a while, for example, with a colored eye pin.

We stretch the gum
Stretched elastic in the product

If you have fastened only one end of the gum with a pin, fasten the other in the same way.

We fix the ends of the gum

After that, you can connect the edges of the product with a small overlap and sew them. Make a seam from the inside of the product. You can also sew the edges by connecting them evenly and stepping back a little space from the edge. Then trim the excess lace.

Sew the product

So the main work is done! Turn the product over and gently spread the folds.

Straighten the product

The garter can be supplemented with some cute little things. For example, why not decorate your groom's initials with a garter? !

Decorate the garter
Ready Garter

With this sewing technique, you can use a variety of types of lace and ribbons. The portal decided to provide you with the second version of the garter, which is made in the style of shabby chic.

The garter itself is done according to the previously painted scheme, only materials and colors that are appropriate for this style are selected. As a decor for such a garter, you can choose an unusual button from beads.

Vintage garter
Shabby Chic Garter
Garter on the bride’s foot

Application options

Garters can be the most daring and unusual models: from delicate lace to daring leather. Girls who are engaged in needlework can be offered a knitted version of garters made of thin threads. In addition, a garter can be made from beads or beads that are attached to elastic threads. The main thing is that the garter is in harmony with the bride's dress and other wedding accessories.

Garter for the bride
Lace garter for the bride
Brooch Garters
Garter for the bride
Lace garter for the bride
Garter for the bride
Lace garter for the bride
Refined Garter
Lace garter for the bride
Options for Garters with Floral Lace
Delicate garter with a flower
Themed Garter
Feather Bride Garter
Bright Ribbon Garter

Choose your garter option and let it bring happiness to you and the one who catches it!