Delicate flower for hair: accessory for the beautiful bride


Flowers always adorn a girl: with them she becomes tender and sensual. For the bride, such accessories are just what you need! That is why more and more often instead of veils in the hair of future wives, you can see a beautiful flower or even whole compositions. But what if you immediately refused natural flowers due to their instability, and ready-made wedding accessories of this kind are, in your opinion, too expensive? You have the opportunity to save money, as well as get high-quality and no less beautiful than in stores floral decorations using the wedding portal

Flowers in the hair of the bride
Accessory for bride hairstyle
Flower charm of the bride

Materials and Tools

  • artificial flowers;
  • beads;
  • scissors;
  • clothes pegs;
  • glue;
  • threads matching the color of the petals;
  • needle;
  • a small square piece of paper or fabric of any color;
  • clamp.

Materials and Tools
Materials and Tools


10-15 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Disassemble the artificial flowers and leave only the petals for the future accessory.

We sort artificial flowers

Take several artificial petals at once (the larger the more fluffy the flower will turn out) and, threading the needle, sew them.

Take a few petals and sew with a thread

In order to give the flower a twist, sew several bright beads in the center, which will look like its core.

Sew in the center of the bead

Then, with a clip prepared for the flower, grab a piece of paper or fabric (as if with a hairpin). And on the reverse side, smear the resulting structure with glue. At the same time, hold the top of the clamp so that glue does not get on it. To do this, use a clothespin or any other small object.

Spread the clip with glue, holding the front side with a clothespin

Glue the adhesive side to the back of the hair accessory..

Glue the clip on the back of the flower and hold it to dry

The wonderful accessory is ready! Now in your wedding hairstyle a charming flower made by your own hands will flaunt.

Application options

A wedding hairstyle with a flower in her hair perfectly complements your delicate style. It is noteworthy that in the manufacture of such an accessory, you can use not only clips, but also invisibility, studs and even elastic bands. It all depends on the hairstyle itself. Moreover, hand-made flowers can become decorations for other elements of the image of the bride: a wreath and a hoop for hair, handbags, bracelets, etc..

Hand-made flower for the bride
Hoop of the bride with a flower
Flower headband
Flower in the hairstyle of the bride

The website told you how to quickly and easily make an original accessory, which in the store will cost several times more. Your hairstyle will become even more beautiful thanks to the flower!