Wedding spelling or “jute” words


It turns out that words can not only be heard and seen, but also touched. «Just married», «sweet hearts», names of newlyweds and other cute phrases can be made creatively from the most primitive rope. Why not a themed country-style wedding decoration! Let's go to to help you!

Words of love made of rope
Jute Wedding Accessory
Words from jute rope

Materials and tools:

  • jute rope - arbitrary length;
  • glue «PVA» - 30 ml;
  • corn starch - half a cup;
  • heated water - a quarter cup;
  • wax paper.


30-50 minutes (direct manufacture).

Detailed instructions:

Given the work with glue - prepare the workplace so as not to give unnecessary stiffness to all objects within a radius of several meters. That's what we need waxed paper for. Carefully spread it on a table or any surface that you have chosen for a creative workbench.

Mix in a bowl corn starch, glue and heated water. Beat whisk until thickened.

Cooking the glue mixture

Now is the time to immerse our working material, namely, a jute rope in a glue mass.

Full immersion

We get «smeared» rope, lay on the work surface. And now - let's do it in words! We spread the necessary words with a rope. Wedding site decided to take the classic phrase as a basis «just married». When you’ve finished spelling, be sure to check the phrase and, if necessary, coat the parts of the rope that remain dry.

We form touching words

«Forget» about our watch art at twelve - let the phrase dry thoroughly. Cute accessory for banquet and ceremony ready.!

Leave to dry

Application options

Jute rope words are a great hand-made decoration for a wedding hall. Volumetric phrases can be placed on the walls, can be attached to a tablecloth, can be hung from the ceiling. If your ceremony is visiting - attach the rope words between the trees, creating a kind of wedding arch. In addition, such an accessory is simply created for a photo shoot!

Accessory for a wedding photo shoot
Jute letters
Wedding art
The original detail of a wedding party
Rope letter

All ingenious, in fact, is very simple. And our touching, in every sense, rope words are direct proof of this. Bring a cozy touch of needlework to your wedding atmosphere!