Superstitious cut a cake together


A wedding cake is not just a dessert. It became for everyone something big on this bright holiday: it is baked to order, it can be of any size, beauty and color. Some are willing to pay a huge amount of money so that this sweetness is original and unique both in taste and in appearance.

A wedding cake is not just a dessert

The cake is taken out at the end of the holiday, all guests pay attention to how it is made, and then try the cherished piece. But that's not all ... The cake has also become an object with which various wedding traditions and signs are associated. Do you realize what the English put in the wedding cake and why fruit is welcome in its recipe? This will tell the site

Wedding cake with fruit

Fruits and nuts - a symbol of fertility

Since ancient times, cakes, or rather, their «ancestors», played an important role at weddings. The Romans at the celebration shared with the guests cakes made of salt, water and flour. Moreover, Native Americans still do this. But the British are used to putting nuts and fruits in cakes. It was from Britain that this tradition came, since it was believed that they are symbols of fertility. Note that for a wedding such symbolism is just the way.

We cut the wedding cake only together!

It is believed that the bride and groom need to cut the cake together. This is almost the main ritual of a modern wedding celebration. Why together? The fact is that the process of jointly cutting the main dessert of the holiday symbolizes the unity of the newlyweds, their common bright future and the birth of a new family. Surprisingly, some couples do not even know about this sign, although they cut the cake at the wedding together without any indication. Most likely, this is a real indicator of the unity of people and their mutual feelings for each other..

Newlyweds cut a cake together

Wedding ring - for happiness and joy

In England, it is believed that a wedding ring must be put in a wedding cake or pie. And the person who finds him will be happy and joyful for a whole year. The ring in this case is considered a symbol of bliss. Of course, in practice, this sign can play a cruel joke with a person who, for example, did not even know about the ring in the cake. The main thing is that this does not lead to any serious injuries. Indeed, in general, this belief is very interesting and may turn out to be a real surprise. But the newlyweds should definitely warn all guests about the ring, which will be waiting for one lucky man right in the cake.

They can put a ring in a wedding cake

Broken plate - bright future for newlyweds

There is another interesting tradition. After the wedding, at the first visit to the parents, the young wife should throw a plate with a wedding cake or pie out the window. If it breaks, it means that the girl’s married life will be happy. But if she somehow remains intact, the marriage will be weak.

A piece of cake under the pillow

An amazing sign that many of us will find strange. It is believed that if an unmarried young man puts a piece of wedding cake under his pillow (in which form it is up to you to decide), he will soon find his soul mate, and the girl, under the same conditions, will see in her dream narrowed.

These are such funny traditions associated with the cake that exist in different countries. Should I follow similar signs? The wedding portal notes that at modern celebrations, few people think about these signs, although the newlyweds almost always cut the cake together. On the one hand, superstition can make your wedding original and interesting, but on the other hand, this is another reason to worry about your future. So it all depends on how you personally feel about signs.