Do you believe in signs?


Before the wedding, even the most persistent and not suspicious begin to pay attention to well-known superstitions. "What the hell knows?" ... "- you think -" Suddenly and really. "The desire for a perfect wedding makes us answer" Yes "to the question" Is it worth believing in signs? "

Wedding omens, like everyone else, have a logical and reasonable origin. One has only to imagine how people lived several centuries ago, and you yourself will find a reasonable explanation and decide whether to believe in signs.

Leap year.

A biased attitude towards a leap year was formed in vain. Remember when it was introduced and why. That's right, for the convenience of calculus. And what could promise such a bad year. He is the same as everyone else. Only when the year comes, in which there is one more day, with special care we fix in the mind all the troubles that occur, blaming that he is a leap year.

The groom must not see the wedding dress before the wedding.

Is it worth believing in omen? Let's see why this was considered a bad sign. Previously, wedding dresses were included in the dowry of girls. They were richly decorated, and if we are talking about wealthy estates, then precious stones and gold embroidery came across on the dresses. Fear of being robbed by dashing people forced to prudently hide such a wedding outfit, not only from the groom. Well, and whether to believe in signs seriously after that? You can relate to her as to give an unexpected surprise to the groom. The delight on his face will be in harmony with your royal look.

Old shoes are not the bride - to luck.

A very wise sign. She advises you to wear comfortable shoes for the wedding. It is not necessary to actually wear the old one, it is enough to distribute a new pair of shoes a few days before the wedding. Formally, it can be considered old. If you have no doubt whether it is worth believing in signs, do just that. Convenience and comfort will help to maintain a good mood until the end of the evening and will give confirmation of the fidelity of this superstition.

Candid wedding dress style - not a long marriage.

This was believed at a time when the bride was obliged to be chaste, and the sight of the ankle from under the dress of an unacceptable length caused a storm of gossip and tar on the gate. Of course, after such a family life could end quickly, or the groom became a laughing stock. Now, unless the wedding in the church, can make you choose a low-key outfit or cover up “tidbits” with a cloak. Is it worth believing in omens if it has lost its meaning?

Do not let the wedding ring measure.

And it is right. He was presented to you, as a sign of love. And girlfriends, knowing this, should not encroach on a thing that is intimate for you. But to convey a loved one and a happy fate through the ring is not realistic. Do you believe in signs? It’s probably better to believe that a refusal to try on your wedding ring would sound convincing.