Duties of the groom in preparation for the wedding

Do not self-deny and trust all the female half of relatives. From now on, learn to act together. The main thing is to know exactly where to direct your efforts, and what are the responsibilities of the groom.

3-6 months before the wedding necessary:

  • Meet with parents of both parties, introduce them if this has not been done before, and discuss the wedding budget and style of the wedding.
  • Together with the bride, choose a place of celebration (cafe, restaurant) and reserve it. This must be done immediately, as the selected banquet hall may be busy..
  • Together choose the registry office in which the marriage will be registered.

3 months before the wedding

  • Apply to the registry office.
  • Together with relatives on both sides write a preliminary guest list.

2.5 months before the wedding

  • The groom's direct duty is to choose and buy a suit and pick up accessories for him. The bride will help you with this..
  • If you are planning a honeymoon, it's time to take care of the ticket. Visit travel agencies, and choose a tour, taking into account mutual wishes.

2 months before the wedding

  • Check guest list.
  • Choose wedding rings and order an inscription on them.

1 month before the wedding

  • It's time to buy wedding gifts for the bride.
  • Wedding rings should be ready, check if the size is suitable and how the inscription is made, engraving.

2 weeks before the wedding

  • Meet with the host, specify the sequence of your actions according to the wedding scenario.
  • The duty of the groom at the wedding is to make a toast in honor of the bride's family. Come up with it.
  • Check if everything is ok with your suit, are all accessories ready.
  • Decide who can deliver the wedding gifts from the banquet home, and arrange with the person in advance.
  • Visit the hairdresser.

1 day before the wedding

  • Make your sweetheart a little romantic gift or surprise. Tell her about your feelings again.