Mistakes of guests: what you need to know for those who are invited to the wedding?

For guests invited to the wedding, there are etiquette rules, which they definitely need to familiarize themselves with before the holiday. Firstly, at a wedding their behavior is limited by some framework of decency, and secondly, guests need to know what to say and how to do it correctly in a given situation. So, the website www.articlewedding.com presents to your attention the five most ridiculous mistakes of guests. Our tips will help you out and protect you from such awkward situations on your wedding day..

Guests at a wedding

«If you were invited as a guest to a wedding, then exclusively with the second half ...»

Some people think so. However, having received an invitation or having heard it personally, pay attention to what the newlyweds have told you. If you want to see you with a young man or girl, then this will be indicated in the invitation to the wedding. Of course, married people are almost always invited together, but for people without a stamp in the passport everything can be different. Especially if the newlyweds do not know your soulmate at all. And this means that you don’t need to be offended when your young man was not invited. Think in a slightly different light: perhaps he, too, would be uncomfortable in the company of strangers.

However, it is worth noting that such cases are rare, as couples are most often invited. Therefore, such moments need to be clarified in advance.

«Stylized wedding? Anyway, I’ll go in that outfit that I like exclusively, even if it does not fit the theme of the celebration ...»

The second important nuance is your appearance. First, a few words about a stylized wedding. If the bride and groom decide to organize a wedding in a particular style or color scheme, and they are convinced that guests must comply with this, then do not contradict the established rule. Remember: this is their day and today they are the heroes of the triumph, which means they must be done the way they want.

Guests at a stylized wedding

As for non-stylized weddings, everything is simpler here. Specify where the celebration will be celebrated and whether it will be official. Depending on this, you can wear a cocktail or evening dress, a tuxedo or just a formal suit. It all depends on the situation..

«It’s better to come later, because usually events do not start on time ...»

Never be late, especially deliberately. This is only allowed in extreme cases. Be punctual. Nevertheless, you should not come much earlier, because everything will only be prepared. However, coming just in time or a little earlier is an excellent decision and an indicator of your upbringing. Suddenly the newlyweds will need help? Or will general wedding photography take place at this time? You can also meet people you don’t know when you arrive earlier..

«Ah, are these the relatives of the bride? I don’t know them personally anyway ...»

Sometimes guests think that it makes no sense to get acquainted with the relatives of the groom or bride. But after all, the atmosphere of celebration depends on how each invitee gets to know and understand each other. If, sitting down at the table, you understand that you don’t know anyone, introduce yourself and specify what the neighbors are called. No need to wait until you are asked. Be the initiator of new acquaintances!

Relatives of the newlyweds at the wedding

Also, do not ignore wedding contests, entertainments and questions of the host - be an active participant in the celebration. A wedding is a holiday, which means you need to have fun. Of course, in everything you need to know the measure, but for you it is, above all, a wedding, not a meeting at work.

A wedding is a celebration and fun

«I'm leaving in English ...»

If at the end of the evening you see that the newlyweds are busy, and you need to leave a little earlier, do not be afraid to approach them and say goodbye. The portal www.articlewedding.com believes that this can be done quite quickly without unnecessary hugs and kisses. Or you can just go to your parents and say goodbye to them, at the same time thanking them for a wonderful evening.

By following these simple rules of etiquette, the guest will have a good time at the wedding, and his behavior will meet all the standards of a well-mannered person.