Duties of the witness

A wedding is not only a grand event in the life of a bride and groom. This event also requires great responsibility from friends and relatives, and, of course, witnesses in the preparation and conduct of the wedding. The duties of the witness mainly include helping the groom in the pre-wedding rush. By tradition, the witness must be an unmarried young friend of the groom or a relative who meets the same requirements as the friend. It is advisable for the witness to have organizational skills, as well as a sense of humor and the ability to quickly navigate in an unforeseen situation.

The duties of a witness begin with the help of the groom in preparing the bachelor party. In this case, the table remains with the groom, and the witness should make an interesting scenario for his friend's farewell to a bachelor's life. In the event that the bachelor party is held right on the eve of the wedding, the witness must protect the groom and, if possible, himself from a large amount of alcohol.

On the day of the wedding, the witness must come home to the groom to help in the final preparations and to take the friend home to the bride, having prepared in advance for the ransom. To do this, you need to have both small and large money (you can in foreign currency), champagne, wine, vodka, sweets. The groom should have any information about the size of the bride’s shoes or the mother’s mother’s birthday, as the questions from the witness are likely to be elementary, and you will be ashamed if the groom does not answer them because you could not prepare him. To get a witness in advance, buy a bouquet of flowers for her.

On the way to the registry office, the witness is with the groom in the same car, which heads the entire wedding procession. At the ceremony, the witness is to the right of the bride. He certifies the registration of marriage with his signature. In the champagne hall, the witness must make sure that each of the guests has enough glasses of champagne. It will not be superfluous to grab a few bottles for walking around the city. After the registry office, the witness drives either in the same car with the witness and the newlyweds, or in a separate car with the witness.

At the solemn part of the wedding event, the responsibility of the witness includes helping the leader in organizing competitions and dances. The witness does not have the right to lose vigilance throughout the wedding, as one of the guests can find an opportunity and steal the bride. The witness and the groom will have to look for and redeem the missing bride together.

For the first time, a witness can easily breathe in the same way as a witness (you can also read about the duties of witnesses at a wedding) after leaving the last person. On the morning of the next day, if the wedding is scheduled for the second day, the groom’s friend again takes up the duties of a witness.

The witness and witness are another pair that attracts the attention of guests. This couple, like the newlyweds, should look spectacular. At first glance, it’s not quite right when witnesses see each other for the first time at a wedding, but on the other hand, a wedding can be a kind of experiment. After all, everything happens for the first time at the wedding, and the festive atmosphere has a smooth course of events..

So, dear witness, have a little patience, try not to overlook the attention of the guests and protect the young - and your mission will be completed flawlessly!