Duties of the witness

The witness begins her duties a long time before the wedding. Usually she helps the bride with the choice of a wedding dress and accessories, draws up a ransom scenario and decorates the hall in which the celebration will take place, and the cars that will comprise the wedding procession. For the bride and groom, the witness acquires white buttonholes, and for herself and the witness - pink and blue. On the occasion of the wedding, the witness can also buy ribbons with the inscriptions "WITNESS" and "WITNESS" (read about the duties of the witness here), which are tied after the ransom.

On a significant wedding day, a witness is among the first to appear at the bride's house to help her get dressed and tidy up her appearance. On the day of the wedding, any bride is very worried, and the witness must do everything in her power to ensure that the wedding is held at the highest level. The witness should also be the first to meet the bridegroom with her retinue and ransom. When the young people go to the registry office, the witness must drive in the same car as the bride, and at the wedding ceremony, be on the left of the groom. After the young people confirm the marriage registration act with signatures, the next signature is put by the witness, then she accepts flowers when those present congratulate the newlyweds, and she congratulates the newlyweds immediately after their parents. In the champagne hall at the registry office, the witness pronounces for the young toast, then treats the guests with sweets prepared for champagne. During walks in memorable places, she is in the car with the newlyweds and the witness, or separately in another car only with the witness.

In the hall where the celebration will take place, the witness should be next to the newlyweds, as well as help the facilitator organize competitions and games. When choosing a witness, the bride should give preference to her friend who is cheerful, energetic so that she can have an audience and make the wedding really noisy and fun, but it should be only that girl whom the bride fully trusts in everything. In the event that the wedding is celebrated one day, the duties of the witness are removed after the departure of the last guest. When the wedding lasts two days, then the witness performs her duties for two days. A wedding with a witness is an inseparable concept, just like a wedding with a bride. Each witness remembers the wedding in which she took part in one of the main roles, but what kind of wedding will turn out depends solely on each guest.