Distribute the effort! Wedding Responsibilities

Having no experience in organizing weddings, it is not easy to find out what functions one or another of its participants will take upon themselves. And this entails overlays and waste. As an option from which you can push off, consider the following distribution of responsibilities at a wedding ...

The groom’s family takes care of renting a restaurant, banquet hall, cafe, dining room, etc., buys products for preparing wedding dishes, the groom’s father and his friends provide a feast for alcohol. An approximate list of responsibilities of the groom's family is as follows:

  • ordering services and execution of necessary documents, contracts,
  • selection and rental of a banquet hall, decorating it for the holiday,
  • rental of cars necessary for a wedding card,
  • order for the services of a photographer and videographer,
  • purchase of wedding rings and gifts,
  • search for toastmaster services and wedding music order,
  • fireworks,
  • purchase of alcohol and products.

What should the bride's family do:

  • think through the menu,
  • organize or track the preparation of these dishes,
  • organize a feast with table setting and decoration, order of serving,
  • provide the necessary cutlery, selected in the general style of the celebration.

Obligations at the wedding of the bride’s family look much simpler, but there are no exact rules in this regard and the division into “male” and “female” duties is outdated. Families of both the bride and groom can adjust their responsibilities at the wedding according to their abilities.