Wedding garter, no vulgarity, just fun

Many young couples refuse the wedding garter and the tradition of throwing it in view of the fact that even at first glance this wedding tradition may not seem funny and even vulgar.

But let's first understand, because this moment can be turned into true fun, without any notes of vulgarity and embarrassment.

As the story narrates, a garter arose in the Middle Ages. She was an auxiliary element of clothes, with its help support was provided for the lower part of trousers. At the same time, the garter became a symbol of elegance, both among men and women. Women's garter was decorated with all kinds of embroidery, lace and even precious stones.

Wedding garter of the bride, It is an elegant, sophisticated strip of light fabric or tape, which supports the stockings on the thigh. The wedding garter is distinguished by its special sophistication and decoration (lace, rhinestones, beads, ruffles, etc.).

A wedding garter is usually worn on the right leg, above the knee. There are times when two garters are worn, the second is worn just above the first. The first groom accordingly throws to the masses, and the second remains to the groom, so to speak for warming up ...

Often, a wedding garter is thrown before the end of the feast, and the departure of the young. Many young developing wedding script, set the tradition of throwing a garter after the bride throws a wedding bouquet.

It is best to remove the garter so that it does not confuse the groom and the bride, nor the guests, so it is better for the bride to sit on a chair. The groom, going up to her, kneels, and slightly raising the skirt of the dress, removes the garter. If it is difficult for the groom to find a garter, the bride should help him, so as not to delay the moment and not weary the guests.

The garter should be straightened, loosen the tension and carefully remove. Once cherished wedding accessory will be in the hands of the groom, you can "mock" a little bit over those who want to get it, to hold some kind of straightforward contest. Of course, if the young are in a hurry to retire, and leave the guests, then it is better to immediately throw the garter.

It’s not worth the tradition to throw a wedding garter into a shocking vulgar show, do it elegantly. After the wedding ceremony, the bride should not, with all guests, bare her legs so that the groom removes the garter with his teeth. Such a show will shock the elderly guests.

Like the bride’s caught bouquet, the wedding garter promises the caught person a quick marriage and happiness. To make the ritual of throwing a wedding garter more fun and long, you can combine a couple of the girl who caught the bouquet and the guy who caught the garter. Next, the music turns on, and the newly created couple dances, for example, a waltz.