Matchmaking rite is the first wedding tradition

The rite of matchmaking - this is the first wedding tradition.

When the groom receives a positive response from the girl to the proposal to become his wife, he comes to the family of his lover, who sets the time of arrival, and, meanwhile, mentally prepares his parents. Before coming, the groom must buy one bouquet of flowers for the girl’s mother, the second - for the lover herself, as well as gifts that can be purely symbolic, for the parents of her chosen one.

When he appears in the house for the first time, the groom must be at his best, so that his parents have a good impression of him. Starting with her father, the girl must introduce the parents of her fiance and parents to her chosen one. The groom should appeal to the parents with a request for the girl’s hand and heart, talking about his sincere feelings and good intentions.

For the ceremony rite of matchmaking if desired, you can invite the matchmaker. Usually the father of a young man, his elderly relative, godfather, or a good friend of his parents becomes a matchmaker.

Then it is up to the parents. They either accept a young man into their family, agreeing to marriage (the father of the bride must join the hands of the young), or reject him.

The first visit of the groom to the girl’s house should not be long in time. In the case of the consent of their parents to marriage, the bride must also meet the parents of the groom, having bought a bouquet of flowers specially for his mother.

If the parents of young people live very far away, and the bride and groom cannot come to get to know them personally, send photos of each other asking for permission to marry. Having previously discussed all the little things of the upcoming life moments, and having received the consent of the parents, the young people have the right to apply to the registry office (what civil marriage can be found here).

Further, according to the ritual of matchmaking, the bride and groom organize a meeting of their families. The meeting can take place both at home with the groom and at home with the bride. A guy and a girl introduce their relatives, starting to introduce them to each other from their parents, and arrange a feast. At such a meeting, families should discuss various conditions for organizing and conducting the wedding, for example, where the wedding will take place, who will take responsibility for the feast and menu, who will take on the responsibility of finding a photo and video operator, who will pay for what, as well as a very delicate question, where the young will live after the wedding, well, and to solve a lot of not so important points.

It used to be that the family of the young was obliged to take on all the cares associated with the wedding, but now families can share this responsibility with each other as they wish. Sometimes it’s the case that the young themselves, without anyone else’s help, fully assume all the questions regarding the wedding and the cost of the celebration itself.