Theft of the bride: some tips on how to carry out this tradition

Of course, everyone remembers the bride’s theft in the movie "Prisoner of the Caucasus." Indeed this wedding ceremony came to us from the Caucasus and from the countries of Central Asia. However, before it was not just a beautiful bright tradition, the abduction of the bride was a form of legal marriage. A young man, along with his servants and friends, could abduct his girlfriend from his parents' house and send her to his house. If the lover managed to leave the girl at home for a night, everyone considered her the legal wife of a young man, and she practically had no chance to marry another.

Bride stealing

Gradually, the abduction of the bride became just a beautiful custom, although today in the Caucasus there are cases of bride abduction for the sake of a marriage contract. In Russia, the bride’s theft is an attempt to test the groom’s feelings, as well as a chance for him to prove the depth and sincerity of his feelings for the bride, and, of course, a great occasion to have fun.

However, according to the results of online surveys, it turned out that the theft of the bride is one of the most boring moments of the wedding for guests. To make things different at your wedding, the wedding site has prepared several recommendations that will help you make the bride’s abduction really interesting..

The bride was stolen

First, the bride and groom should agree in advance, do they want to participate in this tradition. If the answer is yes, it is necessary that the person responsible for the abduction (for example, the bridesmaid or friend of the groom) discussed this point in advance with the host.

The bride must be kidnapped at that moment, when no one, including the groom, expects this. And the place where the bride will be hidden from the groom also follows choose in advance. Do not hide the bride in the kitchen: this is not a very suitable place for shooting, and the situation there, frankly, does not inspire much joy.

Kidnappers must ponder and redemption, which they want to get for the bride. And it’s better not to take alcohol or sweets as a ransom, because you can come up with an original funny or romantic task for the groom and his friend, for example, oblige them to sing a song from some cartoon or dance a slow dance with the bride and witness in her arms.

You must also think in advance, what will guests do while the groom and the groom’s friend are looking for the bride. There can be two options: guests can participate in the search together with everyone, or the host can entertain them in another program. But everyone should be aware of what is happening and not feel at ease.

Bride abduction

And the last tip from the wedding portal consider holding this tradition no more than 15 minutes, otherwise the guests will get bored and the bride will get tired of waiting for her betrothed.

The main thing is to make the wedding celebration fun and memorable. Everything should be enough and in moderation, this also applies to the theft of the bride ...