"Bitterly!" under fireworks


Wedding decoration. What is the first association with this phrase? Flowers, draperies, candles. But what about the fireworks? Than not wedding decoration? The names of the newlyweds, written out with fiery sparks. A non-standard wish of eternal love. Marvelous multi-colored bouquets blossoming in the sky. Like it or not, wedding fireworks are a great alternative ... Although, no, it’s better to say a great addition to a wedding event.

A bit of history

In tsarist Russia, only royal persons could afford wedding fireworks. Historians argue that the first «sparkling» flower bloomed in the sky on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Alexei Romanov and Natalia Naryshkina.

Of particular importance was the color of the wedding fireworks. Blue and gold indicated the crown of the person. The sparkling purple was a symbol of power and power. If the newlyweds wanted to show the strength of their feelings, they chose orange lights. Golden wedding fireworks clearly indicated the couple's fiery love of wealth and luxury.

Wedding fireworks


Today, wedding fireworks are not only the prerogative of the powerful. Needless to say, couples often decorate their wedding with fire «bouquets». Especially taking into account the fact that today, pyrotechnic masters are able to fulfill any, even the most wonderful, whim. Fireworks in the afternoon? No problem! Do you want a fiery extravaganza in a room? You're welcome!

Terms of use

The first and perhaps most important rule is no independence. The site www.articlewedding.com advises entrusting the business to professionals. Firstly, because a spectacular show requires skill. Secondly, entertainment must be accompanied by safety..

The second rule is no overload. The experts call the optimal time of the wedding fireworks 15 minutes. They say that this is the golden mean, during which the acuity of sensations is guaranteed. If you tighten the fireworks for an hour and a half like that, he will just get bored, get tired and lose his entertainment.

Fire bouquet for a wedding

How it was

The main «plot» wedding fireworks are usually unchanged. The pyrotechnics program opens, followed by fiery inscriptions, most often thematic. The highlight of the show is usually a park firework. And the final chord is a high-altitude salute. Wherein, «plot» can easily be redrawn. It all depends on the wishes of the newlyweds, on the skill of the performer and, of course, on the amount that the customer of the wedding fireworks expects.

Pyrotechnic aerobatics

I want a firework, but there is not enough space? Pyrotechnics will come to the rescue. Brand Fire «pillars», maybe «mills». And better - a fiery declaration of love. Pyrotechnic figures allow you to create a spectacular performance even in small spaces, and even rooms. Another important plus of pyrotechnic figures is a small safe distance. Five meters is more than enough to provide guests with a guarantee «non-damage» body parts and clothes.

Lights for wedding

Fireworks are park

This type of wedding fireworks does not require additional frames and installations. «Start» flowers directly from the ground, and bloom at a height of 50-60 meters. Sometimes they fly up to 70 meters. The wedding portal www.articlewedding.com considers the main advantage of such fireworks to be unpretentious in the size of the venue. If the conditions of the event do not allow you to create a high-altitude firework, your wedding will be perfectly decorated with a park.

High fireworks

The most grandiose and pompous type of fireworks is high-rise. A simple example on the fingers: everyone remembers the annual salutes on the city day, for example, or on Victory Day. So, with the same incredible sight, you can decorate a wedding. Stroking colorful lights in conjunction with the deafening firing of rocket launchers will not leave your guests indifferent. Of course, high-rise wedding fireworks are not a cheap pleasure. But he justifies his value from and to.

Bitterly! under fireworks

So, you are now initiated into the small secret of a big company, how to surprise guests. And most importantly. You know how to make a wedding bright, unusual and memorable.