Traditions of wedding bouquets of flowers of different nations

Each country has its own wedding traditions, they dealt with bridal bouquets of flowers and how to make them.

Japan. Brides decorated their hair with chrysanthemums, a fan in the bride’s hands was also decorated with painted orchids, chrysanthemums, camellias.

Scandinavian brides must wear a wreath of twigs of myrtle.

India - the country of the brightest colors; rose wreaths were prepared for the wedding.

In Greece a rose is considered a symbol of love, and according to tradition, newlyweds are showered with rose petals, the wedding bed, and the bride’s doors are decorated with roses.

In ancient Rome a lily was a symbol of purity, so the bride was woven with a wreath of white lilies with wheat ears, symbolizing wealth.

French people considered lily of the valley a flower of love. But it was customary to decorate the bride’s veil or hair with lemon, orange, fragrant tuberose flowers, orchids, camellias, roses.

In Slovakia and Transcarpathia scarlet poppies - decoration for the groom. Also weaved wreaths of mallow, roses.

Ukrainian brides used seasonal flowers for wedding bouquets and weaving wreaths and added to them rut and mint. In winter, the craftswomen prepared many flowers from paper and bright material.

But in all countries and at all times, the bride had to appear in all her glory and with the most beautiful bouquet. Guests, congratulating the young, gave them wedding bouquets of flowers with wishes of happiness and love.