Features redemption at a wedding


The ransom at a wedding has long been an indispensable part of this ritual. The goal of this old custom is to test the groom, test his generosity, wit, and also the depth of feelings for the bride. Nowadays, this rite has almost completely lost its symbolic meaning and has simply turned into a fun element of triumph, allowing you to remove unnecessary stress on the eve of the wedding procession trip to the registry office, as well as to amuse everyone.

But it is to amuse, not to embarrass or humiliate someone. When organizing a ransom at a wedding, it is important to remember that an unsuccessful script or inept preparation can turn a funny sight into a real torment that will not please anyone: neither guests, nor the bride, nor the groom himself. Therefore, some tips will not be superfluous.

First, some tips for the bride:

  • Be sure to ask if the groom agrees to participate in the proposed test. Well, if he overcomes all obstacles with honor, he will come out of the water dry. And if not? Nobody wants to turn into an object of ridicule, and then it will be very, very difficult to fix the spoiled mood.
  • Remember the "safety precautions" and carefully consider the route by which the groom will get to you so that instead of the registry office he does not have to go to the nearest hospital. This, of course, is the most extreme and undesirable of the possible scenarios, but, unfortunately, it is not at all excluded.
  • Remember that rural life is a thing of the past. Therefore, the traditional scenario, accompanied by folk costumes and ritual songs, does not always look appropriate in a modern city.
  • Clearly think over all organizational issues, such as: the size of the ransom at the wedding (do not turn it into a kind of auction), the order and duration of the tests. Always leave a little time for all sorts of delays, without which nothing, nowhere and never does.
  • So that guests do not yawn while watching the video of the ransom at the wedding, try to show a creative spark and come up with original tasks, consistent with the personality of the groom. Who knows him better than you! Using ready-made schemes, of course, is easier, but also more boring, because the moment of surprise disappears.

And now tips to the groom:

  • A ransom at a wedding is best perceived as a game, not as another test of your human qualities. Calm down, he will not add or diminish anything in the bride’s opinion of you.
  • Try to behave during the ransom at the wedding quite naturally and, if possible, relaxed. Do not forget that a smile is your lifesaver in many situations. Think about the fact that your view will be meticulously assessed not only by guests, but also by future descendants: try to stay so that they do not doubt that today is really the happiest day in your life.
  • You probably have a true friend who will never let you down and come to your aid in any situation? Then by all means take it with you: together it will be much easier for you to resist all the intrigues that the bridesmaids and relatives of the bride are preparing for you.
  • It is also useful to get acquainted in advance with scripts and ransom contests at a wedding; you can easily find them in a lot on the Internet. Believe me, human imagination is not as limitless as it sometimes seems.
  • And the last: try not to forget about your future mother-in-law. Perhaps it’s the ransom at the wedding that will present you with the best moment to establish relations with her, if you have not been able to do so until now. A bouquet of flowers can sometimes work miracles and even soften the coldest, adamant heart.