Funny brides

I wonder what other wedding traditions exist.?

For example, in Russia there are two varieties of weddings: holiday and drama. With a fun, noisy, joyful wedding, everything is clear. But what about the second option? Imagine, according to the scenario of such a wedding, funny brides with friends and older relatives began to lament and cry from the day of the conspiracy. But what else ... A special mourner was invited to the wedding, who constantly howled, wailed, sobbed, introducing the bride and everyone present into a state of tragedy and depression. One can easily imagine the state of the groom, who expects such a mournful picture on the wedding night.

But according to Mongolian custom, the mother of the bride after the wedding, when all the guests went home, put a heavy stone or ax in her hem to show that now "the family is soldered as tight as stone or iron." An interesting custom, to give the bride a cold weapon or a stone before the wedding night! And most importantly, such a funny bride can pose a direct threat to the future husband.

Especially “lucky” men from one tribe in Rwanda, this is a country in Central America. There, after the marriage ceremony, the bride was heading to her husband’s house not at all because of romantic moods. She ruthlessly inflicted wounds and scratches on her husband. Such a battle sometimes lasted until the morning. Moreover, the husband did not even have the right to utter a word. And in the morning, the funny bride calmly retired to her parents' house to put herself in order and get a good night's sleep. Indeed, the battle was repeated the next night! So, after the bride was tired of injuring her husband, or after there was not a single living place in the latter, the wife allowed her husband ... to take off her veil. Only after such tortures does life in such a family go back to normal. True, eyewitnesses claim that after this, the husband and wife will never quarrel again. That's because!

Even more interesting is the situation of one nationality in South India. There, a young girl marries exactly three days. And after that, the husband must divorce her and leave her house forever. And the funny bride begins to make herself countless lovers. And in general, the widest opportunities for organizing pastimes open up before her. What is her exile spouse doing at this time? History is silent.

And in some areas of Brazil, if the husband finds out that his wife has a lover, he invites him to hunt, and after that he can invite him to settle in the house as his second husband. But that’s probably if he doesn’t shoot him during the hunt..

So, dear men, do not tell us that after the wedding, "you suddenly felt a few years older." Here we will send you to re-education in Brazil or Africa! You will come across such a funny bride, as in Rwanda, then you will definitely understand what kind of good paws and lovely wives we have!