What is a virtual wedding?

What is virtual marriage??

Usually it all starts with the fact that one girl sends in the form of a statement to a forum or chat a particular idea that one or the other guy supports. Then a dialogue is struck between them, turning into a friendly conversation, then love appears and, if it is logical to reason, the wedding continues (read also about the relationship between a man and a woman). Since the love is virtual, respectively, such love and virtual marriage.

Virtual marriage is as follows. One of the young people must submit an application indicating in it the name and e-mail of his chosen one, and, directly, the date and time of the alleged Internet wedding. Then future newlyweds receive a letter in the mail containing the invitation and password for the wedding. The bride and groom have the right to invite witnesses, friends, relatives, and acquaintances to the ceremony. At the appointed time, all the invitees, and, of course, the bride and groom, gather on a certain site, where the Wedding Hall is specially “reserved” for the virtual wedding and enter their password. Then, a virtual marriage is registered, during which young people are asked various questions on the topic, and if both the bride and groom, they answer “yes” to all the questions, as a result of the ceremony, the Marriage Certificate is issued to both. It can be printed and stored at home..

Whoever first invented an Internet wedding will probably remain a great secret forever, but in history there are times when virtual marriages turned into real ones. That is, they were celebrated with a real decorated motorcade, host, witnesses, guests, music, gifts and, of course, champagne!

In conclusion, we want to say that no matter how virtual the marriage is, it still remains an important and, of course, responsible event, because you are preparing for it, gaining happiness with a loved one. So what, what is virtual, the main thing is happiness!