Do you know wedding etiquette?

Good Tone Rules at the Table.

Wedding etiquette is consistent with the rules of conduct on wedding party. If you are attending a wedding, try to follow these rules.

  • Strongly forbidden to smoke at the table.
  • Toasts on this day are only the honor of the newlyweds. You can still offer a toast to your parents, but not to your boss, with whom you were at the same wedding.
  • Break the bread into small pieces, not cut with a knife.
  • Ham and sausage are cut with a knife on a plate.
  • Fish is eaten without a knife. Use special spatulas. The shoulder blade serves to separate the bones. Keep it in your right hand.
  • You need to eat the bird with a fork and knife.
  • A knife and fork are also used for meat..
  • Cutlets are cut into pieces with a fork, which for this you can hold in your right hand.
  • Desserts are eaten with a spoon, or a special fork.
  • Melon is eaten with a spoon, other fruits - with a fork and knife.

Now - about drinks.

  • Drink vodka in one gulp. Use better small glasses.
  • Wine is drunk from a glass.
  • Liquor, cocktails and cognac - in small sips, taking breaks.
  • Remember - everything needs a measure. Especially when drinking alcohol.

Let's talk about seafood separately.

  • Lobsters, oysters and shellfish are served in restaurants already prepared, most likely with special forks. You just need to get the meat from the shell.
  • Crabs and crayfish will have to remove the shell. Doing this is permissible with your hands. Most often, the restaurant serves special tongs.

Remember these simple rules of wedding etiquette, and you will feel at ease at the most magnificent celebration.