The rules of conduct for guests at a wedding

Before you go to the wedding to your friends or relatives, carefully read the rules of conduct. All wedding guests must adhere to the following.

Arriving at the wedding, do not forget to congratulate the young and give them original gifts.

You can drink only the first 10-15 glasses to the bottom, the following - with the permission of the mother-in-law or mother-in-law.

When you have a snack and eat all the caviar, do not require supplements.

Do not unscrew the tablecloth on which the spilled alcohol, especially in your glass.

Remember that a sober drunk does not understand. To protect yourself from misunderstanding and not be beaten for it, be with everyone in the same condition. This is our custom.

When eating chicken or duck, do not put brushes on a plate. Better put a snack on it, and hands in your neighbor’s pocket.

Do not put what you can eat on a plate to your neighbors.

Under the table for more than three, do not gather.

Do not forget from hour to hour to remember what you gathered at the wedding, and shout "Bitter!".

Do not put in your pocket a piece of cake that you really liked, but you don’t have enough strength to eat it.

When the music starts, immediately start dancing, not sparing your legs, and your neighbor. Who can’t dance, dances sitting.

After the end of the holiday do not wear someone else's coat, even if it is prettier than yours.

Do not promise the hosts of the holiday that tomorrow you and your parents and friends will come to eat wedding dishes so that the newlyweds do not get scared.

Have fun, dance, walk, drink and eat slowly.

In addition to the rules, there are also some prohibitions, which you also can use..

Hide in the corner.

Sleep at or under the table, especially with snoring.

Wiping her hands with her neighbor’s dress, even when she doesn’t remember anything.

Gossiping about mother-in-law or mother-in-law.

Beat the dishes on the head of a neighbor.

Declare love more than three times to members of the opposite sex.

Singing songs with the speech of our smaller brothers.

The rules are not new for you. They have long been familiar to everyone. Therefore, do not forget about them and rest on all 100! Good evening to you.