Wedding in gold color


Gold has long been a symbol of luxury, warmth, financial viability. This is a durable metal, which indicates the success of its owner, internal strength, the presence of great life experience. It is believed that this is the color of human wisdom, generosity. The wedding in gold color is perfect for the cold seasons - autumn and winter. When it is cloudy or snowy on the street, you want coziness, a warm atmosphere around. Gold colors decorating the wedding will warm the eyes and hearts of those present.

Outfits of the bride and groom in gold color

Outfits in chic gold color look amazing. The bride and groom, who decided to use a golden hue for their image, should remember the combination of colors for different color types. For example, the color type of autumn is perfect for yellow-gold, bright and saturated, but spring will look good in cool, muted gold. Ideas for the image of the bride and groom:

  • Male image. A man can wear a golden suit, but the fabric should not be too shiny so as not to turn him into a pop artist. For young people who prefer restraint, parts made in golden shades or made of gold are suitable: buckle on a belt, stylish wrist watches, tie clip, original cufflinks, details on shoes. Sometimes a golden fabric tie or a silk scarf can be an interesting solution..

Wedding Golden Men's Suit

  • Female image. Many girls will look great in a rich golden dress, the main thing is to choose a fabric that perfectly emphasizes the shade of skin and hair. Bright gold is suitable for someone, someone will look good in copper-gold shades. Brides who prefer more restrained options should pay attention to the golden elements of the image's decoration: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, manicure, beautiful golden shoes, gilt beads and embroideries that complement the light outfit.

Gold dresses for the hero of the occasion

Clothing Ideas for Witnesses and Guests

If you decide to hold a fully themed wedding, where all guests must follow a uniform dress code, inform them of such an idea in advance. It is not necessary to force everyone to wear gold, just ask guests to dress in those colors that harmonize well with golden. It can be light shades of suits: white, cream, lemon, milk. If desired, guests can decorate the image with gold jewelry, golden details.

Golden bridesmaids outfits

But bridesmaids with witnesses should definitely dress up according to the wedding image of the heroes of the occasion. The ideal option is to sew dresses and suits to order, so that all the main participants look harmonious, because they will often flash on the photo with the newlyweds.

Wedding accessories in gold tones photo

Inventing and creating wedding accessories is one of the important aspects of preparing for a wedding. Such trifles as ribbons decorating candles on the table, the color of the seating cards, invitations, speak about the level of organization. So that all the decor of the room fits together, and the guests do not have the feeling that the style and color of the golden embroidery on napkins and tablecloths do not combine, you need to carefully consider even the smallest details.

Gold Shades Accessories for Wedding

The bride's bouquet

A beautiful accessory for brides - a bouquet - should go well with the color scheme of the wedding. To achieve this, you need to use flowers that are as close as possible to a noble shade of gold: roses, orchids, lilies are suitable. You can decorate the bouquet with golden ribbons, and the flowers themselves can be treated with a special paint coated with gold sequins. A bouquet of dried plants that have acquired a beige and cream shade will look good. The composition will be complemented by twigs, cones, bead necklaces.

Bridal bouquet with golden elements

For a chic wedding, which helps to create a golden color, a stylish, rich cascading bouquet is perfect. See the photo for details:

Stylish cascading bouquet for a golden wedding

Invitations and cards for guests

A wedding in golden color is a beautiful celebration, the splendor and richness of which is emphasized by attention to detail. Invitation cards and cards for guests should not be identical, but they should be done in a single color scheme: decor, paper color, font color must be made the same. If the bride has free time, she may ask her friends to help her independently prepare these accessories for the wedding. See an example of creating an original envelope for invitation cards in a video:

A wedding cake

The solemn cutting of the wedding cake by the newlyweds is the main part of the banquet, all guests are looking forward to the moment of making the dessert. A luxurious golden wedding is celebrated richly, so the cake should look appropriate. Modern pastry shops have learned to achieve a golden color when decorating delicious wedding desserts, and some sweet creations resemble real masterpieces of art. To emphasize the luxury of a wedding in a noble golden color, it is better to take a cake tiered.

Chic Gold Cakes

Cake cupcake is an original idea that will not leave connoisseurs of convenience indifferent.

Interesting Golden Cupcake Cake

Gold style wedding hall decoration

To create an atmosphere of warmth, unprecedented grandeur, luxury and wealth, the couple needs to come up with decorations for the banquet hall, where the wedding celebration will take place. The main interior details that will help spouses in the decor of the room:

  • Tissues. Of the golden materials can be tablecloths, magnificent draperies that adorn the walls, gold napkins, ribbons. Hang the windows with massive curtains with rich golden embroidery. However, you should not overload the room with gold - this is a heavy color that can put pressure on others. The combination of gold color with soft calm shades will look perfect..
  • Candles To create warm comfort in the cold season, candles that are perfect for decorating a golden wedding will help.

Candles for a golden celebration

  • Flowers present in the composition of the bride’s bouquet should be part of the decoration of the room.
  • Golden helium balls - one of the options for decorating the hall.
  • Golden sparkling champagne - the main drink of the holiday.
  • Vases, food utensils, glasses and other golden table decoration elements complement the atmosphere.

Decoration of the wedding procession

Spouses can decorate their car with golden ribbons, rings, flowers or order a chic golden limousine. They will remember for a long time luxurious trips on original vehicles. A limousine will emphasize the richness of the event, its beauty, and convenient places will allow newlyweds to relax during car trips between the registry office and the venue of the banquet.

Golden limousine for a wedding

The combination of gold color with other colors

It is not necessary to make the main emphasis on gold color, the groom and the bride can choose an interesting combination of this, as well as other suitable shades. Colors that perfectly harmonize with golden: shades of white, pale yellow, beige, cream, red, burgundy, navy blue. Black is also a good match for gold - it is an elegant, bold decision. In order not to overload the room with unnecessary details, other shades should be monochrome.

Golden wedding - a rich, beautiful, cozy celebration, which is designed to warm everyone present with its warm atmosphere. In order to arrange everything well, you need to carefully and responsibly approach the organization of such an event.