Rainbow style wedding


A wedding is perhaps the most important event for every person, so you should carefully prepare for it. As you know, themed weddings are extremely popular at the moment. A rainbow-style wedding is associated with children's happiness, amazing and complete, it will surely be remembered by all the guests of the holiday, and the heroes of the occasion will also like it. But how to hold such an event at the highest level?

How to organize a rainbow style wedding?

Newlyweds should consider all the details of the wedding so that the celebration takes place at «Hooray». It should be remembered that the rainbow suggests the presence of bright colors, both in dresses and in the design of the hall. Colorful motifs must be present everywhere, otherwise it will not be possible to create the right atmosphere of the wedding. Let's consider in more detail which points should be taken into account when preparing for the celebration:

  • Invitation cards. The style of the rainbow is based on bright colors, hence the wedding invitations should be appropriate. Cards need to be decorated with various variegated shades that will surely attract the attention of guests. Be sure to indicate on the card the date and time of the wedding.

Examples of invitations to a thematic celebration

  • The room. The best place for a wedding is a spacious hall where all participants of the event can easily accommodate themselves. In addition, for the full design of the premises and the celebration will need a lot of space. Look for a modest, but large-sized room where you can easily place all the necessary furniture.
  • Festive table. Dishes on the table should also match the style of the celebration. So, a wedding cake should definitely be decorated with colored fruits. When preparing salads, try to combine colorful vegetables. Drinks should be supplemented with colored tubes or umbrellas..

Rainbow Wedding Cake Ideas

  • Dress code. Do not forget to inform guests that a themed wedding is planned. The presence of dark or pastel colors at the wedding is a taboo! The use of outfits of exclusively variegated colors will make the wedding truly vibrant. Participants of the event should choose the right colors.

Rainbow Style Wedding Scenario

In order for the wedding to take place without force majeure and unforeseen problems, you need to think over the course of the holiday in advance and draw up a detailed scenario of the event in the style of the rainbow. Be sure to include various contests in it, provide for several options, so that you end up with an interesting entertainment program.

Best option weddings in an unusual rainbow style is considered a feast, diluted with entertaining games. A holiday in a similar style provides a lot of interesting contests and games for guests. It is advisable that the contests involve as many colored objects as possible: balls, garlands, colorful tubes.

Wedding photo decoration

The decor of the wedding directly depends on whether you can create the right atmosphere at your holiday. First, you should think about the furniture that you will put in the hall. If you plan a magnificent wedding with 100 guests or more, it is worth furnishing the hall with several tables of medium size. If the wedding will be held in a cozy home environment, then a long large table for guests to sit at will be an excellent option. As for the chairs, they should be worn in multi-colored covers..

Color solutions in the design of the hall

It should be remembered that the room where the event will be held is decorated in a color scheme consisting of the following shades: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple (rainbow colors). We offer you some ideas regarding the design of the hall for the wedding in the original style:

  • An arch decorated with colorful rainbow ribbons. This element is a wedding decoration. Newlyweds pass through it at the beginning of the wedding celebration. An alternative to the ribbon arch will be a product created from balls of different colors.

Colored wedding arches

  • A large number of bouquets. Bright flowers perfectly complement the decor of the hall, especially beautiful if you manage to use all seven colors of the rainbow. You can make such bouquets yourself, or ask florists for help.

Bright bouquets for the bride

  • Multi-colored dishes and napkins. These irreplaceable table attributes can be decorated in rainbow colors. But keep in mind one nuance: you should not cover the tables with a colorful / variegated tablecloth, otherwise you will overload the interior design with too many colorful elements. It is better to use a plain material in pastel colors, or decorate each table in its own color..

Decor elements for the festive table.

The image of the bride and groom

The bride and groom are the main personalities at the holiday, all attention will be focused on them. It is worth trying with a choice of outfits to fully match the atmosphere of the event..

Themed Wedding Accessories

So, the bride does not have to give up the classic white dress in favor of a bright and magnificent dress. Complementing the familiar look with a colorful rainbow belt or decorative flowers is quite suitable for such a wedding. Also pay attention to dresses in style «gradient» - when one color smoothly transforms into another. Do not make too bright makeup, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous at your own holiday.

Images of the newlyweds

The groom also should not move away from the traditional costume. It will be possible to dilute the solemn style with a motley tie or a colored scarf sticking out of the jacket pocket. A bolder decision would be to put on a brightly colored shirt.

Process video

Such a rainbow wedding will be unique and truly themed. She will certainly be remembered not only by the heroes of the occasion, but also by the guests of the holiday. Be original and unique, show your imagination, call for the help of friends - let your main day in life be remembered by everyone for a long time and leave only good impressions!