Wedding reception - a great alternative to a noisy feast


The organization of a wedding banquet is, perhaps, the main stage of preparation for a wedding celebration. You need to choose a restaurant with delicious cuisine, think through the menu to the smallest detail, arrange tables and seating guests ... There is absolutely no time left, strength is running out, as is money too! The wedding portal wants to offer you an alternative option for organizing the celebration - a wedding buffet! Sophisticated, fashionable and simple - that's what you need.!

Wedding reception

What is a buffet?

«Reception» literally translated from French means «on the fork», since during the meal it is she who is the main tool.

Buffet Features

  • All refreshments are placed on the tables..
  • Guests freely move around the room, choosing for themselves food and drinks, as well as interlocutors.
  • Of the cutlery, only a fork is usually needed..
  • The duration of the buffet is no more than 2 hours.

The benefits of the buffet

  • You can invite a lot of guests.
  • Relaxed atmosphere: guests themselves choose a place in the hall, dishes and drinks, as well as interlocutors, therefore, they have a better time.
  • No need for a large number of staff (1 waiter for 20 guests).

That's why a buffet is a great way to save money, space and time.!

Buffet Wedding

Table layout

Buffet tables are usually higher than usual (about 100 cm), although standard tables can also be used. The number of tables is calculated based on the fact that for one guest there should be at least 15 cm on the table. The layout of the tables depends on the area of ​​the hall and its features, often it is the letter P, T or W. Tables should be placed apart from each other at a distance of less than 1.5 m for guests and waiters to move freely around the room.

In addition to the main tables, the walls should have additional tables for spare plates, napkins, glasses, dirty dishes, ashtrays, etc. Take care of small sofas or chairs, because one of your guests will get tired and want to relax during the celebration.

Serving and decoration of buffet tables

There are two options: either tables are served on one side, or on two. Two-sided serving is optimal for a wedding celebration. Tables are usually placed in the center of the hall, then they can be approached from any side.

For buffet tables, you can use tablecloths of any style and color. For decorating tables, small vases with flowers and beautiful candlesticks with candles are suitable. If the tables are large enough, you can afford any decorations that fit into the style of your wedding.

Layered buffet tables for a wedding

The drinks

As a rule, champagne, red and white wine, as well as cognac are served from alcoholic drinks. Although there are no special rules - whatever you want. Do not forget about sparkling and mineral water, juices. Coffee and tea will not be superfluous, especially in the case of a winter wedding.


The menu of such a wedding party should consist of a large number of cold appetizers. These are canapes and tartlets, sandwiches, meat, fish and cheese slices, fresh vegetables and fruits, olives, gherkins, pickled mushrooms. The main thing is that the table is varied and tasty.

Snacks for a wedding buffet


Sometimes include hot dishes on the menu. Traditionally served julienne in portioned cocotte makers and skewers on skewers.

It is important that the dishes are not only tasty, but also beautifully designed. So you can create a fabulous holiday atmosphere. Bright green salad leaves, colorful fruits and vegetables, colorful sauces - these are the things that will give the dishes a joyful and solemn appearance.

Bright dishes for a wedding buffet


For a buffet table minimal service is required (several waiters). They will monitor the order on the tables, take away used dishes and appliances, as well as replenish the table with serving items and dishes. That's all!

The wedding portal is sure that a buffet is a great option for a wedding banquet! You will save not only money from the family budget, but also create a relaxed atmosphere at your celebration in which your guests will relax, socialize and really be able to relax from their ordinary worries!