Wedding venue: the best option price and level of service

A wedding is an important event in the life of every person, it is a magical holiday! I want this celebration to be unforgettable. And for this we need to think through everything to the smallest detail to avoid unnecessary hassle and unnecessary costs.

What points should be considered most carefully?

First, you need to determine the number of guests.

Based on the number of invitees, you will determine the institution in which the celebration will take place. There should be enough space for everyone. Many restaurants and cafes are happy to see you as a potential customer and will be able to offer a lot of options for the celebration. If a large wedding is planned, then a large restaurant is also chosen. For a holiday with family or close friends, a cozy cafe or a small restaurant is optimal. It is advisable to rent the entire room in order to avoid the presence of strangers during the celebration..

An excellent option is to hold a wedding in a boarding house or holiday home (especially if your wedding is planned for the warm season). You can pre-book rooms for guests coming from other cities, and for yourself. In this case, you combine the celebration with outdoor recreation, which will make it truly unforgettable!

You should also consider which cuisine will satisfy you and your guests. But in any case, do not overload the table with exquisite dishes and delicacies. Most of them will remain untouched. This is especially true for salads from vegetables and fish dishes. However, water, juices, fruits, cold cuts opposite are most in demand on the festive table.

How do you prefer to design a room? If dancing is supposed, then a place for them must be agreed with the restaurant or cafe in advance. To arrange a banquet, as well as install the necessary equipment.

Here is the most common restaurant offer for a celebration:

  • The restaurant hosts weddings and full-service banquets. Alcohol is usually yours. The service does not require rent, in this case you pay the minimum cost of snacks, an average of at least $ 25 per person. The menu is discussed with you. An advance payment is made (usually 50% of the total cost). You are completely relieved of the hassle of organizing a banquet.
  • You are organizing the wedding, and the restaurant rents out the hall along with the necessary equipment. In this case, you are engaged in the purchase of food and alcohol, prepare and serve the table yourself. Cleaning the room and washing dishes after the wedding is the concern of the restaurant. In this case, renting a room costs about $ 200.

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