Wedding Hall: An Abundance of Style and Taste

There are several subtleties. First of all, the order of the wedding hall must be done at least a month, or even a half (especially true in the season). Moreover, you should clearly know how many guests will be invited, how much are going to set the table, and whether you will make additional purchases of alcohol.

Next is the business of professionals. They will tell you what dishes to order, how to arrange wedding tables in the hall. Today rent is not paid separately. What you need to consider is the requirement of a cafe or restaurant to place an order for a certain amount, again, based on the number of guests.

The menu of the wedding banquet, taking into account two basic principles: that it was beautiful and satisfying (but not too much). That's why they usually offer a few varied snacks. And on hot they prefer to serve poultry or fish. The time for serving meals is agreed in advance.

You can make a general order (which will be simpler and more economical), or you can take a portion - in other words, serve food to each guest separately. But our advice is to provide for several innings, which will enliven the table discussion.

Before the arrival of the newlyweds, guests are treated to an aperitif - wine or champagne. Alcohol in restaurants is usually sold with a significant margin. Therefore, most often buy alcohol separately. But it is better to discuss this point with the administration in advance. How many strong drinks do you need? Up to 4 bottles of spirits and wine drinks, up to 3 bottles of champagne. For 10 people, you can do something like this..

The apotheosis of the festive table - loaf. Usually his role is played by a cake, which is solemnly brought into the wedding hall. As a rule, when baking, a calculation is made (again, for 10 guests) up to 2 kg.

Banquet time is a separate issue, which also requires preliminary discussion. Usually dinner begins at 6-7 p.m. and ends by midnight. However, to avoid troubles, it is better to provide for overtime rent of the wedding hall, which is paid by the hour..

The number of waiters who will work for you is also important. Ideal option: one waiter for 8 to 10 guests. How much do their services cost? Usually they are included in the price of dishes or provide 3-10% of the order value. Whether to pay them a tip separately is your own business..

It is also important that the wedding hall was spacious: the place should be sufficient not only on the tables, but also on the dance and entertainment program. A good wardrobe, toilets, a smoking room - all this should also be considered when looking for a place for a celebration.

How to decorate the wedding hall and which musicians to invite is up to you. Although you can use the services of the restaurant or cafe.

When the budget amount of the festive feast is clear, make a 15 percent bonus to it, as they say, for every fireman. After discussing all the subtleties with the administration of the wedding hall of your choice, make a preliminary payment. The remaining amount is usually paid either on the day of the banquet or a day earlier.