Early marriage


Legally, a marriage is considered to be early if it is concluded by a guy and a girl who have not reached the age specified by law. Public opinion is somewhat different - we call the created family early, if young were 18-20 years old. However, there is also a psychological factor that determines early marriages; it has no link to a specific age. For example, when a family-creating guy and girl are not ready for this, because they are not fully aware of the consequences of their actions.

Reasons for early marriage

Many people care about the important question: what motivates teenagers who decide to marry? If modern, not yet formed psychologically, young people are eager to register a family, sometimes without even waiting for the permitted age, this becomes a problem for parents, and often unexpected. Then adults begin to be interested in the reasons for the desire of children to marry at an early age. About the motives that push them to decide on creating a family, parents really need to know:

  • The desire to legitimize intimate relationships. Some families have a strict attitude to the issue of sexual education of children, subjecting them to stifling control. Therefore, grown up son or daughter decide to satisfy curiosity by «legalization» their relationship.
  • Strong love and desire to connect oneself with a partner by marriage. Such aspects as the lack of living space for living together or financial dependence on parents do not worry the couple. Young people are not yet able to recognize the responsibility that falls on them when they marry..
  • Pregnancy is the most common argument for starting a family early. The young man is forced to either pay for the abortion, or take responsibility for the future of the child and the young mother.
  • The desire to get away from excessive parental care. This reason for the child’s early marriage or marriage occurs when adults manipulate him or are not interested in his opinion..
  • It happens that unhappy love becomes an argument for starting a new relationship. To annoy a former loved one, some teens even decide on early marriage.

Why teens get married

Pros and cons of early marriage

Not surprisingly, the consequences of marriage at an early age are dire. However, there are happy examples when family life is developing successfully, and spouses live together happily all their lives, studying, building a career, raising children. Fast marriages have their pros and cons. Let's start with the negative aspects that may accompany young people who decide to start a family early:

  1. Unconsciousness of all the difficulties that adolescents face. These are routine life, separation of household duties, the need for material support of the family, care for future children, lack of time, desire to have fun.
  2. Dramatic changes in the life of a guy and a girl with the advent of a child. You will need to forget about meetings with friends, your hobbies for a while, but not all couples who have married early are ready for such changes. As a result, misunderstanding, conflicts, grievances that can lead to a breakdown.
  3. Do not forget about the physiological aspects of young boys and girls. The level of sexuality of teenage wives is very low, and their husbands at this time, on the contrary, have a peak in sexual activity. Therefore, marriage between peers aged 18-20 years is undesirable, because the girl will not be able to fully satisfy the sexual needs of the newly made husband. On this basis conflicts will inevitably arise, growing dissatisfaction with each other.

What early marriages can lead to

The advantages of marriage at an early age can be such moments:

  1. Strong feelings encourage young people to take care of each other, forgiving the partner’s mistakes or shortcomings.
  2. The wedding makes the young girls who dreamed about this event very happy: a white dress, the attention of guests, gifts and flowers. At a more mature age, triumph no longer causes such a delight.
  3. Strong nerves in young bride and groom make it easier for them to cope with stressful situations and difficulties of family life..
  4. Marriage at an early age helps a girl and a guy become more independent, grow up psychologically faster, as there is a sense of responsibility not only for themselves, but also for family members.
  5. Decision-making attracts boys and girls who are more likely to get rid of parental over-custody.
  6. At a young age, changing habits is easier, so a guy with a girl will be able to jointly form joint traditions. The process of adaptation and lapping to each other will be easier than when it is carried out between mature people.
  7. Employers prefer to hire people who already have a family, because they consider such candidates more responsible. However, this applies only to guys, the attitude to married girls is different. It is likely that she will become pregnant and will soon go on paid maternity leave, so the employer often refuses such a candidate.

Statistics of early marriage and divorce in Russia

According to statistics, the maximum number of girls marry from 18 to 24 years old, and boys from 25 to 34 years old. If we talk about early marriages, then in 2010 in Russia there were more than 1, 215 million of them. Among them: unmarried guys - 1131 married, girls - 11698. Specialists note that over the past five years the number of marriages among teenagers has significantly decreased.

Early wedding

It is estimated that between 2001 and 2005, on average, about 3100 marriages between minors were registered (among men) and 25 thousand (among women). And in a later period from 2006 to 2010, 1744 and 16128 marriages were registered respectively. However, marriages between minors still remain a problematic social topic not only in Russia, but throughout the world. According to statistics, 6 divorces made by teenagers have 5 divorces.

The earliest marriages in the world

There is not a single state where the marriageable age of girls comes later than that of boys. In different countries, the earliest possible age for marriage registration is from 9 to 18 years. Sometimes the legislation provides for certain exceptions, and often settlements with very strict traditions and canons completely bypass established laws.

According to the laws of Argentina, Italy, Colombia and Peru, the minimum age for marriage for girls is 14 years old, and in the United States - 13. However, each state of America independently determines the minimum age for marriage, and it can vary in different districts. In Canada, Ecuador, Spain, Paraguay, marriages are allowed from the age of 12.

In some Muslim countries and settlements that are far from the civilized world, early marriages flourish. So, in Afghanistan and Nepal, the early age at which boys and girls are allowed to marry is 14-15 years. In some Indian villages, girls who are barely 10 years old are married. But since it is illegal, residents hold ceremonies late at night, hiding it from the administration of the settlement and representatives of the law.

The earliest weddings in the world

Video: Opinion of psychologists about early marriage

One cannot clearly judge whether marriages between minors are good or bad. Some young couples break up after a year together, while others happily celebrate the golden wedding anniversary. One way or another, the final decision is to be taken by the beloved himself, however, if there are good reasons, you should wait a little on the day of the wedding. This does not threaten true love, and weak feelings are not worthy of marriage. What do psychologists think about the early creation of a family, see the video below.