Why a wife should not cut her husband


There are a huge number of prejudices, superstitions, which we try to adhere to, so as not to bring harm to ourselves and our loved ones. Everyone considers her husband’s haircut a harmless action that cannot lead to anything bad. So why not cut your husband? It is believed that if you cut your own husband, this may not have the most pleasant consequences. Therefore, our ancestors tried to adhere to this rule and pass it from generation to generation, but now we only have to decide: to believe or not.

Why a wife should not cut her husband

Now most women know how to cut well, but not all of them are professionals. Many of them make haircuts to their loved ones in order to save money on the family budget. But not everyone is aware that according to an old belief, it is absolutely impossible to cut your husband, because it can negatively affect his health, lead to treason, separation or cause constant quarrels and discord. And more «pragmatic minds» They say that beliefs are useless. Therefore, before a haircut, you should think several times whether it is worthwhile, and also take into account the view of your beloved on this issue.

Sign 1 - The wife shortens her husband's life and takes away strength

According to this sign, it is absolutely impossible to cut a loved one. This belief is associated with an ancient biblical story in which the hero Samson, trusting his wife, told her that all his strength lies in his hair. As soon as her husband fell asleep, the woman cut off a small tuft of hair, and he was captured by the Philistines. It is hard to talk about the reliability of this information. According to statistics, the life expectancy of a man is already small, so it’s stupid to say that the whole reason lies in the haircut.

But the truth is said that in the hair lies all the energy of a person. Cutting off the hair, a piece of the past, feelings, bad memories is cut off, a new life stage begins. Since there is an unusual, strong energy connection between husband and wife, it is better not to experiment and not to verify the truth of this belief on yourself and your beloved, but to trust a professional.

Men's haircut at the hairdresser

Sign 2 - For fast treason

Some people prefer to believe that soon after «family» haircuts husband will commit an unpleasant act by cheating on his wife. This option looks the most logical and predictable. A beautiful, stylish hairstyle will make it more elegant, prettier for the opposite sex. You can say that you yourself are preparing the ground for pronounced attention to women from your beloved. Therefore, many wives believe that they can’t cut their husband.

Cutting a loved one - to treason

A tidy, well-groomed man will attract much more attention from the opposite sex, and this may be great to flatter your husband. In the best case, he will have the usual short-lived flirtation, in the worst - this will lead to treason. But if a man truly loves his wife, values ​​and values ​​her, such an outcome is unlikely. If there are problems in the family, then you need to look for them inside the relationship, and not in the attractiveness of the haircut of your loved one.

Are you not afraid that your fiancée will look stylish, attractive? Then watch the video and find out which men's hairstyles do not go out of fashion:

Sign 3 - To a quarrel in the family

This sign is rightfully considered the most real, reliable. A haircut in the salon is usually accompanied by museum silence, only in rare cases will a man show his disagreement. The hairdressing procedure at home, by the hands of the wife can have completely different consequences: all disagreements, discontent can not be expressed in the most pleasant form, and male grumbling will certainly provoke a scandal on the part of the woman. For this reason, it is undesirable to cut your husband at home..

The irritability, short temper that the couple could accumulate due to everyday problems, work stresses and much more - all this can affect the outcome of the seemingly innocent haircut. A wife should be prepared for her husband’s comments, questions, directions and comments. If you are not sure that you are ready to calmly transfer this procedure, it is better to give your beloved to the master.

Quarrels - a consequence of cutting a loved one

Sign 4 - On parting

It’s hard to say where the roots of this version come from, but parting is an unpleasant moment in people's lives. Memories from the past can be a new idea of ​​what leads to separation. If you shortly before parting cut your man, then it is quite possible that you will blame that malevolent haircut. In the future, you will say that it is absolutely impossible to cut your man. Most likely, this is a coincidence to which it is not necessary to attach so much importance. Thoughts are material, do not think about parting, and everything will be fine.

Haircut of the narrowed - to parting

When you can not cut your husband on the lunar calendar

Husband's haircut is a responsible process that should be carried out at the right time, day and moon phase. Knowing the unfavorable days for a haircut for your beloved man can save you, your family from the negative consequences, as well as bring happiness, health and prosperity. It is believed that the first ten days of the lunar cycle are the most unfavorable for hairdressing procedures. These days you can not cut your man. Mowing a husband in the first lunar days can cause illness, quarrels in the family.

The exception is the fifth day of the lunar cycle, which can bring a small income to the family. Categorically it is impossible to cut the narrowed on the twelfth lunar day, because of this, the risk of loss of life, all kinds of injuries and depression can increase. If a man is worried that his wife can change him, then you can’t cut your hair on the sixteenth lunar day.

Focus on the moon choosing a haircut day

If you want your husband to remain strong in spirit, healthy and cheerful, you should not cut him on the twenty-fourth lunar day. It is considered one of the most negative days for a change in image, haircuts and colorings. A full moon promises good hair growth, so a full moon haircut is the best choice for men who want to grow hair. They say that it is necessary to cut a loved one on the growing moon, and a waning one takes away all love, family well-being, joy and happiness with hair.

It is absolutely not necessary to believe in signs, calendars, they serve only as an additional source of knowledge. This information should be used if you want to be guaranteed to protect yourself, the father of the family and your family. When deciding whether to believe in old signs or not, think about whether you want to verify the veracity of this information. Maybe it’s easier to get around everything, not attract trouble and not spoil family relationships.

Entrusting your husband with a professional, a master of his craft is much more pleasant, and you will certainly get an excellent result, a smile from your beloved husband. If you believe in something, sooner or later it will come true, so dubious women should also give preference to a hairdresser to avoid negative thoughts.