What to do if you lost your engagement ring


Rings in popular beliefs have many meanings. These are symbols of strength and wisdom, power and love. Family talismans and charms are made of rings, helping to avoid unhappiness. Wedding rings are also a symbol of love of two hearts, therefore, if one partner loses the ring, then they say that divorce is inevitable after that. But what if you lost your engagement ring? Is it possible to prevent a gap?

Lose the engagement ring – what is it for?

Married people wear wedding jewelry all their lives, but at first they are a symbol of eternal love for the bride and groom. And anxiety in the soul is easy to explain when at one point you do not find the treasured jewel on your finger. You should not panic in the event of a loss: it is not known whether unhappiness will attract omens into your life or whether you will bring a negative situation to your home yourself, daily expecting a breakdown in the family.

Negative expectations let fears come true

National signs and beliefs

It is desirable to maintain a calm state in case of loss, but you also need to listen to national signs, because they did not arise from scratch. And popular beliefs say that the loss of the main attribute of marriage threatens:

  1. Parting or serious disagreement with a partner.
  2. Health impairment.
  3. Possible widowhood of a woman.

But it should not be taken so literally. Most likely, your subconscious mind wants to warn about a possible threat, but this will not necessarily happen if you take appropriate measures in time. For example, you should not bring a small household quarrel to a scandal or stop in time in some unpleasant conversation with your spouse – and the problem is resolved. The subconscious mind often warns:

  • about a serious quarrel with relatives;
  • loss of trust in a relative;
  • about trouble with blood relatives.

What does it mean if the husband lost the wedding ring?

It is believed that the wedding attributes keep the newlyweds from grief, loss of life, severe shocks and separation. And it’s not for nothing that people wear wedding rings on their ring fingers, because this is the finger of Apollo – god of sunshine and love. A lot of people believe that losing a wedding decoration – it means to doom your marriage to break or to dislike. But even such serious warnings do not interfere with the loss of jewelry, because in most cases the right hand is leading, and during some actions the jewelry can easily slip off your finger.

In the photo, the wedding rite: strengthening the union

What to do in this case?

In case of loss, do not lose your temper, but immediately when you discover a loss, make your husband remember where he could lose the jewel and when he saw it on his finger for the last time. If this method did not help, the Old Believers remind that the brownies like to play brownies. Ask your brownie aloud to lose and give, maybe there will be a loss in a few days. Some turn to grandmothers who make special water conspiracies from unhappiness and misfortune, but not everyone has friends they should trust.

In case of loss of the wedding ring, priests advise to buy a new one and then go to the church where they were married, explain the situation to the priest and ask him to put the new jewelry with his wife’s ring on the Throne, as he did during the wedding ceremony. The church does not require any additional rite, and a new exchange of rings is not required. After that, do not be afraid of any signs and be happy!