How to determine the size of the ring at home


Most women and men wear wedding rings as a sign of fidelity to each other, simple rings as jewelry. But when faced with a choice for the first time, many do not know the right amount. Any jewelry store will provide you with a service for determining the diameter of a finger, but there are cases when you need to know the size in advance. In this case, the question arises: how to determine the size of the ring at home?

What is the size of the ring

By ring size is meant its diameter, i.e. the distance between two opposite points of the circumference of the hole. Look clearly at the photo below.

What is the diameter of the ring

To determine the diameter of the jewelry at home, it is worth considering some points:

  • Throughout the day, the volume of the fingers changes slightly. Noon – This is the best time to determine the volume. In the morning, the hands are still swollen, due to the accumulated water during the night.
  • Do not measure after playing sports, at a high room temperature, immediately after a cool street.
  • It is worth considering that independent measurements will not have high accuracy. It will be approximate / approximate size.

When choosing a piece of jewelry on the ring finger of your right hand, learn that it may not fit the size of your left hand. If you don’t get a jewelry of the wrong size, then contact a jeweler, he will roll it out (increase the diameter a little).

How to determine the size of the ring according to the table at home

Consider two ways to determine the size of the ring yourself at home, using the table. To do this, you will need to prepare a small piece of thick paper, a pen, a ruler, half a meter of thread (a thread for knitting is ideal in thickness), scissors. In addition to plain paper, a piece of paper in a box is good. For home measurements, keep in mind that the ring should pass freely through the joint (phalanx).

Using a strip of paper

  • First way. Cut a strip from a sheet from one to one and a half wide, and up to five centimeters long. Wrap it around your finger. In the place where the end of the strip fits, put a handle on the mark. Expand the paper, use a ruler to measure the distance from the edge to your mark. Found length – this is the girth, to find the cross section, you need to divide this value by the number 3.14. The size is determined by finding a diameter equal to the table.

Determination of girth of the phalanx using a strip of paper
  • Second way. This option is perfect for men who want to put such a gift on the finger of their beloved girlfriend, having with them another suitable inner contour. Take the ringlet and attach to the sheet, circle its outline with a pen, a thin marker inside at the base. From the resulting circle, find the diameter. Usually, the difference between the sizes is half a centimeter.

Tip: it is worth rounding the result to a smaller value for narrow rings, to a larger – for wide rings.

Using thread

For this home-made method, take a thick thread (tape), wrap five turns a little tightly and gently around the selected finger (the width of the winding should not be more than six millimeters). Do not reel too tight. Cross both ends without tearing off the turns, cut them with scissors at the intersection. Or, mark with a pen the place where the ends of the thread intersect, unwind, cut to the marked places. Measure the resulting piece of thread with a ruler.

And in order to determine your individual size at home, you should divide the value obtained from the measurement by a special number 15.7. The result must be rounded..

Determine the girth of the phalanx using a thread


How to make a house ring size pattern using coins

Some sites offer templates ready for printing on a printer. But when copying or printing patterns, the image will be slightly distorted. Therefore, at home it is better to make a template with your own hands.

As you can see, the conditions provided at home make it possible to determine the right size for your ring. These methods are not only easy to use, but also take a small amount of time..

If you know more simple, interesting and effective ways to determine the size of the ring at home, then leave your comments. They will be useful to other readers..