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Preparing for the wedding is a long process, during which you need to do a lot. One of the most important stages is the sending of invitation cards. You officially inform all your relatives and friends of the upcoming event, so you need to do this beautifully and correctly in order to captivate future participants of the celebration with a wedding idea. It is recommended that you send an invitation no later than a month before the holiday, and if you are planning an exit ceremony for the countryside or to another settlement, you must inform the guests about the plans at least two months before the wedding.

Beautiful layouts of wedding invitations

Where to get beautiful wedding invitation layouts?

As soon as the recipient receives an invitation to a wedding, he has a first impression of the upcoming event, its theme, spirit and orientation. It is important to carefully consider not only the text of the letter, but also the layout of the wedding invitation. It should be beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and also be designed according to the chosen theme of the holiday banquet. There are many options for choosing invitation cards that will match the style of the wedding: order in the printing industry, from a wedding agency, purchase in the office departments or do it yourself.

Order a wedding invitation card

Order in printing or at a wedding agency

More and more couples, choosing layouts for invitation cards, prefer exclusive custom options. Ready-made cards from office supplies are made in a simple style, have a standard template text. But individual wedding cards, ordered from an artist-designer, give an opportunity for newlyweds to show their imagination, to stand out, to make their triumph unique.

Wedding invitation

Order printing invitations will be more expensive than buying ready-made, because you have to pay extra for the services of the artist, the work of the designer. In addition, the cost will increase due to the small circulation. But you can make different invitations for all your guests. So, the boss, colleagues are encouraged to create classic cards with the official text, but the family - more personal and unusual layouts. For close friends, creative invitations with a humorous text are suitable.

Wedding invitation card mockups

They order card printing not only at the printing house, but also at a wedding agency. Ask your wedding planner or event organizer about this service. Most wedding agencies have full-time artists ready to bring all your ideas to life. Among the newlyweds, the following models of wedding invitation cards are most in demand:

  • Standard paper letters with envelope, box or tube.
  • Traditional wedding invitations made using designer paper, art illustrations..
  • Invitation book (inside there are several pages).
  • Scroll - text printed on aged or other paper, wrapped in a tube and tied with a tie.
  • Invitation envelopes - all sides of the envelope are opened, and the corresponding text is printed on the inner sheet.

Wedding Invitation Letters

You need to take care not only of the beautiful layout, but also of the packaging for it. Packaging is cardboard, paper, fabric, plastic. Fragile and delicate packaging materials are used only when invitations are given to guests in their hands. But if the letter has to take a long journey by mail or go through the courier’s hands, you need to take care of the integrity of the package by placing it in a thick envelope made in the same style as the design of the card.

Choose among free templates for download

Invitational mock-ups do not always suit the bride and groom in all respects: the color is missing, the font is incorrectly selected, and the text is ugly inside. You want to make unique original cards, but you don’t have the opportunity to order them from a professional artist in a printing house, then use free templates to download.

Electronic Wedding Invitation Templates

The network has a lot of layout options in electronic form. You can choose a template of suitable color, style, size. Electronic layouts are also convenient because you can not only print them out and send them as a paper wedding invitation, but also send them via e-mail to guests living in other places.

Print selected layouts and customize them to your liking. Some with the help of graphic editors attach photos of the bride and groom to the template. Enter your own original invitation text, writing the names of the newlyweds, indicate the date, place of the celebration. Use decorative elements to make your cards look like handmade: attach a satin bow, glue beads, rhinestones, lace.

Download Wedding Invitation Mockups

Do it yourself

Do-it-yourself invitation layouts are a manifestation of attention to guests. Each guest will appreciate the letter received with a handmade postcard. This method is suitable for creative individuals, the bride and groom, who are able to show imagination and embody it. To make a layout yourself, print ready-made templates and decorate them to your liking, or make invitations with your own hands from the beginning to the end.

Homemade invitation mockups

To do this, it is recommended to watch a video workshop of experienced needlewomen to learn step-by-step instructions and the technique of manufacturing the product. Use beautiful designer paper, the edges of which are decorated with a stapler with figured indentation, bright decor elements. Text in home-made invitations is recommended not to be printed using a printer, but written by hand in beautiful calligraphic handwriting. Each person will appreciate such personal attention and personal approach..

DIY Wedding Ceremony Invitation

If it is not possible to make invitation mock-ups yourself, then entrusting this work is recommended to the artist-designer. An experienced master will create you invitation cards with your own hands, using the technique of art painting, decoupage, scrapbooking. Such cards are much more expensive than those printed in a printing house or bought in an office supply, but they will be truly exclusive..

Stylish layouts for wedding invitations.

What information should be on the layout of the invitation?

Having chosen a beautiful layout for the invitation, you need to think through the information that will be written on it. The text of the wedding invitation should contain comprehensive information about the upcoming celebration, its features, as well as the names of the senders. There is a list of mandatory and desirable points that should contain an invitation letter to the wedding.

  • Destination. The letter is addressed to one person, a couple or the whole family. For people who are not married, but have a long-term serious relationship, it is customary to indicate in the invitation «+1». That is, it is assumed that you are waiting for him at a holiday with a soulmate. It is necessary to contact the recipient in an official form or use only names (for relatives and close friends).
  • Indication of the reason for the event. The text should contain a clear description of what guests are invited to honor. No vague phrases are allowed, it must be clearly stated that the celebration is planned on the occasion of the wedding.
  • Date and time. It is necessary not only to indicate the date of the holiday, but also to prescribe the time of the beginning of the wedding ceremony, wedding (if it is planned) and a holiday banquet.
  • A place. The invitation tells the guest not only the date of the wedding, but also the place of celebration. The letter prescribes the address of the registry office, church, banquet hall.
  • Dress code. Of particular importance is the dress code for themed wedding parties. The invitation letter must be done according to the style of the holiday, in order to let the guest understand what event awaits him. A separate line of the invitation card is reserved for the text relating to the theme of the evening, and wishes about costumes for all those present.
  • Confirmation of presence. When ordering a banquet hall, the bride and groom need to know the exact number of guests. To do this, the invitations indicate an additional date by which recipients are asked to notify of their presence or absence at the wedding.
  • Gift List. To facilitate the guests the task of choosing gifts will help a specialized wedding site newlyweds. On the website or personal page on the social network, the bride and groom draw up a wish list, listing the desired gifts. Visitors to the page - future guests, going to the site, they mark the name of the gift that they are going to give. So those invited to the celebration will be able to distribute the purchase of gifts among themselves and not repeat themselves. In the invitation card you must write the address of the wedding site.

Photo selection of wedding invitation samples

Wedding Invitation Layout Options