Decoration of the wedding hall photo


A wedding is an important and exciting day in the life of a couple in love. On this day, everything should be perfect: an outfit of the newlyweds, a beautiful wedding ceremony, the best restaurant and room decoration. When preparations for the ceremony are in full swing and all the main issues have been resolved, the dilemma about decorating the venue for the celebration remains. To determine this, we recommend that you review the design of the wedding hall photo.

Wedding Room Design Options

The best venue for the wedding feast are cafes and restaurants, where the atmosphere, panorama, interior and service are already at your disposal for a pleasant pastime. But the everyday atmosphere of the hall is hardly suitable for holding such an important event, because such rooms are decorated with additional accessories to make it more elegant.

Design options

Nowadays, there is a huge selection of options for decorating rooms for a celebration. For decorations, flowers are used (living, but sometimes artificial ones are also used), balloons, drapery with light fabrics and various luminous garlands. Often used posters and unique jewelry made with their own hands. Before proceeding to the hall, it is necessary to determine what materials you want to use, what is the theme of the event, in which color scheme everything will be done and who will do it: you or specialists in this industry. To determine, you must specifically study and view the design options for the wedding hall photo.

Using a single color scheme

You can see popular design options in the video presented:

Decoration of the wedding hall with balls

Balloons are a universal way to decorate a room for the holiday. A wedding is no exception. Balls for decorating a wedding hall can be used in different ways:

Balloon Design

  • A large number of balls flying freely under the ceiling will create a weightless effect throughout the hall.
  • Balls tied to guests' chairs or small weights and standing on the table will give a festive mood to everyone present in the hall.
  • An arch of balls or intertwined hearts will look great at the table of the newlyweds (the main thing is that they keep their shape).
  • Beautiful figures made using a ball will make the hall unique and memorable.

Decoration of the wedding hall with flowers

Recently, the use of flowers to decorate the hall in which a wedding banquet will be held has become increasingly popular. Typically, when decorating, compositions from natural flowers are used, less often there are decorations using artificial flowers. A common decoration option is a composition of flowers on a table for newlyweds. An example of this design you can see in the photo below.

Honeymoon table floristry

The design option may be small bouquets on the tables at the guests (for example, as in the photo).

Flower arrangements for guest tables

Often there are staircases and flower arches. This decor looks chic and rich.

Decoration of the wedding hall with fabric

More recently, the design of wedding halls with the help of fabrics has become fashionable. As a rule, light, airy fabrics are used for such purposes, which freely fall down (for example, chiffon, silk, organza) or denser fabrics (velvet, taffeta, satin), but which look rich. With the help of fabrics, a kind of canopy is created over the hall or a veil is made near the table of the young. You can look at examples on the subsequent photos.

Tissue use

Often there are options with a combination of fabrics and colors or garlands (it looks especially chic in dim light). This decoration looks exquisite and will appeal to all guests.

DIY wedding room decoration

If you have a good imagination, then you can come up with a beautiful and original decoration of the wedding hall on your own. To begin with, it’s worth looking at examples on the Internet and it will be determined by what you want to design the room, to understand what is needed and possibly get down to business.

You can decorate the hall yourself using the following options:

  • The easiest way to design are balloons, which are placed throughout the hall. How to do it and where it is better to place the balls - it's up to you and it all depends on your imagination. You can also make a heart out of balls yourself.
  • It is possible to decorate the premises with the help of art posters on the walls, ribbons, or paper pompons.
  • Making fabric decor is also quite simple without the help of specialists. You need to pick up and get a light airy fabric, the color in which your wedding celebration will take place and, choosing the option of attaching fabrics, simply attach them in the right places, if necessary, beautifully assembled.
  • It’s possible to make decorations and flowers yourself, if you have even the slightest idea of ​​floristry, you have a well-developed sense of beauty.

As you can see, it’s not so difficult to arrange a room on your own, and most importantly, everything will be as you wish, as well as save a little on the help of a designer.

Table decoration for young

The principles of table decoration for young people have something in common with the main theme of the hall. For this, fabrics, flowers or balloons can be used. In spring and summer, compositions of fresh flowers on the table for newlyweds are more often used. For example, as shown in the photo.

Fresh flowers in a decor

Fabric and flower compositions may also be used. For example, as in the photo.

Compositions of fabric and flowers

In autumn and winter, decorations from balls and fabrics are mainly used, since decorating with flowers outside the season is a very expensive pleasure..

Guest table decoration

Tables for guests should be decorated in the same styles as the whole holiday: the same materials, the same colors (or their shades). In this case, the wedding hall looks harmonious and beautiful. Table setting and the presence of beautiful tablecloths, fresh flowers or balloons on them will add some zest to the general appearance of the hall and create a festive atmosphere. Examples of the design of guest tables, you can look at the following photos.

Design tables for guests

Decoration of chairs for guests

Often, chairs in cafes and restaurants do not look quite presentable. Or do not quite correspond to the general style of the hall. In such cases, the chairs are also decorated with fabrics, linen and bows from satin ribbons or small flower arrangements. Popular options for decorating chairs can be seen in the photo below.

Original parts