What do the groom's parents give for the wedding


A wedding is an unforgettable celebration of two lovers of love who have made a responsible decision to take their relationship to a new family level. Gifts that guests and relatives give to young people on the occasion of such a solemn event remain in the family, serving as memorable symbols of love and family well-being for many years. Offerings from the parents of the bride and groom are endowed with a special meaning, so caring mothers and dads should think carefully about what to give children for the wedding.

What is customary to give for matchmaking?

At the matchmaking it is customary to give flowers and treats

The old tradition of getting the bride married in some families is preserved to this day. A modern society, in which cohabitation without marriage and free relations is recognized as the norm, has nevertheless managed to preserve traditions that are so significant for our ancestors. It is likely that such an interest in this rite is associated with its undeniable beauty, romance. The tradition of getting the bride married gives the future wife an opportunity to feel like a real fairy-tale princess.

Before you go to the house of your beloved, the groom and his parents should think about what they usually give to future relatives before the wedding. The girl, in turn, should prepare for the upcoming event. According to tradition, the matchmakers come to the bride’s house with bouquets of flowers for her and her relatives. One bouquet should be presented to the bridegroom's chosen one, the second to her mother, and the third to her sister, if there is one in the family. Parents of the groom should bring a gift of candy or cake, a bottle of good alcohol, perhaps a fruit basket or other snacks.

In accordance with ancient customs, the groom gives his beloved a beautiful ring with a stone. A solemn offering of jewelry is the request of the groom to marry him. If a girl accepts the ring, then she agrees to become the wife of a young man, to play a wedding. From this moment, the beloved acquires the official status of the bride. The decoration should be worn until the wedding day. In the process of the wedding, the future wife complements the symbolic accessory with a wedding ring.

Matchmaking allows young parents to get to know each other better

As a rule, the future mother-in-law makes a symbolic offering to her daughter-in-law, traditionally gives her a gold or silver chain. Nowadays, instead of decorating, the groom's parents give modest presents to his beloved son. In many ways, the choice of offering depends on the material condition of the groom's family, as well as the wishes of his parents. Parents of the groom give pleasant souvenirs to relatives of the daughter-in-law. Sometimes, other members of the family of the future husband come among the matchmakers. They should show attention to the bride's family. They usually give you sweet treats or a bottle of good wine..

In the old days, girls were often not aware of the impending matchmaking. Moreover, they were not always present at such an event. For this reason, preparing gifts for the groom's parents was simply not accepted. Today, a potential wife is one of the first to know about the upcoming visit of her lover's parents, therefore, in order to please future relatives, she should also think about what she gives to her father-in-law. A beautiful bouquet or a small present in the form of, for example, a set of dishes.

What to give the bride and groom for a wedding from parents?

The presence of parents at the wedding is already a gift

The wedding of a couple in love is an incredibly important event not only for themselves, but also for their parents. Caring mothers and fathers are often at a loss that they usually give to children who decide to start their own family. If, after the celebration of the wedding, it is planned that the young will live with the parents of the bride or groom, the relatives should give the newly-made family something that will bring the young people not only benefit, but also pleasure. A great option - a ticket to a romantic honeymoon.

If, after the wedding, the couple plans to live in a separate apartment, the young family will definitely need good quality dishes, household appliances, bedding, furniture. At this stage, the newly minted cell of society will need to equip its nest, so parents can provide invaluable help to young people if they wish, making the children a useful and necessary present.

Keys to own apartment

An apartment is the best option for a young family if the couple does not have their own housing. On the other hand, the purchase of a separate apartment is a serious financial investment, which, unfortunately, not all parents are able to realize. The high cost of real estate makes the purchase of such a wedding present very difficult, but incredibly necessary and useful. If your financial situation gives you the opportunity to present your children with a separate apartment, young people will appreciate your efforts..

Honeymoon vouchers

Another great option for a pleasant wedding surprise is the purchase of vouchers for a romantic trip. In Russia, this tradition is only gaining popularity, but many modern families have long followed it. A wedding is a wonderful occasion, on the occasion of which a newly made family is given a trip, for example, to the warm islands or a trip to Europe. In this case, the choice of route is still better left to the young.

Universal gift - money

Money is the best gift for a young family

Money is an optimal universal offering to newlyweds from parents. The bride and groom, the future husband and wife will have considerable financial investments to arrange their family life, so it is better to give them an independent choice of how to manage the donated money. The amount primarily depends on the wealth of the family, it can vary from several thousand to several tens of thousands, both rubles and foreign currency.

Other gift options

Loving parents have a ton of options for giving their children a wedding. An excellent present will be household appliances. However, this option is fraught with some danger. Invited guests often give similar household appliances to the wedding. A set of good quality dishes is a great alternative that will always be appropriate and, most importantly, useful for a young family. When choosing a kit should take into account the taste preferences of the bride and groom.

A car is a great wedding present from parents

Furniture is an appropriate gift if a young family plans to make repairs in its nest. The choice of a furniture set should be left to the young, and for its part to offer payment. A car is a priceless vehicle these days, which is sure to come in handy for a couple planning to have kids. If the family is already waiting for the baby, feel free to give the groom and the bride baby items, strollers, cribs or toys.

It is difficult to make an interesting surprise for a wealthy couple who managed to get everything necessary. You need to choose something original, and even better - symbolic. An expensive souvenir or picture is the best option for such an occasion. A star or, for example, a part of the moon, named after the newlyweds, will become a non-trivial gift for the wedding. Do not forget to pay due attention to the presentation packaging.

Ideas of memorable gifts for parents from newlyweds

Parents at the wedding

The bride and groom are key figures in the celebration of the celebration of their wedding. Nevertheless, the newlyweds should not forget about those who gave them each other, that is, about their precious parents. The tradition of giving souvenirs to parents at a wedding exists in many peoples of the world. It symbolizes the immeasurable gratitude of the newlyweds for the fact that their mother and father raised the other half for them..

The best option is to give the same presents to the parents of the bride and groom. Original souvenirs are on sale - medals with inscriptions «Best dad» or «Best mom». If you would like to present a more memorable souvenir, pay attention to the engraved watch or, for example, to the electronic photo frame, in which frames from the wedding celebration will flash. So that relatives quickly find a common language, some newlyweds give parents four tickets to a concert or to the theater.

Gift options for the mother-in-law and mother-in-law

Symbolic souvenir for father-in-law

Before the bride officially joins the groom's family, it is worth preparing an offering for his parents. It’s not at all necessary to buy expensive things. Presentations should be pleasant, symbolic, as useful as possible. A great option would be modern household appliances, such as a bread machine, slow cooker or blender. Future father-in-law is given warm duvets, rugs, dinner sets, sets of pots and pans. A great sign of attention will be a set of bath towels, a portrait of the groom's parents, custom-made by the artist, along with his son.

If the financial situation provides an opportunity, the mother-in-law gives a beautiful piece of jewelry, and the mother-in-law gives silver cufflinks or a teaspoon, an expensive book. If you do not have enough finance to buy a presentation, do it yourself. Present relatives with hand-made candles, an embroidered picture or, for example, a wicker rug.

For father-in-law and mother-in-law

Useful gifts

The groom, taking the young wife away from the parental home, gives her beloved parents a memorable gift. As in the case of presentations for the mother-in-law and the mother-in-law, the wife’s parents are given any item of household appliances that will help facilitate housekeeping. Such a present will be not only useful, but also symbolic. For example, presenting the relatives of a lover with a multifunctional vacuum cleaner or dishwasher, the groom seemed to compensate for the help of his daughter, who supported her mother in housekeeping.

To make a surprise that will be appreciated by the parents of the future wife, the groom should ask the beloved about their preferences, interests. Perhaps mom and dad do not have a digital camera, a cordless home telephone, an air humidifier, air conditioning, a good microwave, or a quality heater. If a young husband has the opportunity to present an expensive present to his wife’s family, he should consider buying vacation packages for his beloved parents.