What to give a friend for a wedding


Wedding – a big event not only in the life of the bride, but also her close friends. In addition to helping organize the celebration and valuable advice when choosing a wedding dress, the girl should choose the most original and relevant gift for the newlyweds. The bride’s girlfriend does not have the right to get away with a present on duty, so let's talk about what to give to my best friend for a wedding: practical and necessary gifts for the bride and groom.

Rules for choosing a wedding gift

Before you stop choosing a gift for a girlfriend for a wedding, you need to know that there are several rules that will help you get a memorable and worthwhile gift:

  1. The bride may have a certain taste that is different from yours, so it is better to check with relatives or mutual friends whether the newlyweds will like your choice.
  2. A gift for the bride and groom does not hurt to negotiate with the bride herself, because in modern society practical gifts are valuable. Moreover, a couple will like such an offering 100%.
  3. In the West, there is a tradition: the newlyweds before the wedding make a list of desired gifts (wish list), and then the guests distribute them among themselves. Invite the bride to do the same, making it easy for everyone invited.
  4. A wedding gift should be examined before offering price tags. You should not emphasize the high cost of the presentation with your rates, everyone already knows about your old friendship.
  5. The bride should begin choosing a gift long before the wedding, so that there is enough time to implement the idea.

Wedding gift options from a girlfriend

The easiest and most pleasant wedding gift for both parties – an envelope with money, but this is trite and not interesting. Many people think that practical gifts in the form of a vacuum cleaner, a set of dishes or bed linen will be more useful than money – they will last for many years. But the bride’s girlfriend should be more original – present an unusual and unexpected present. For example, presenting a book of the future kind to a young couple who will perpetuate two connected families and become the pride of a newly created family.

Present – Money Tree

An original way to give a present to the newlyweds – select the money tree as helpers. This tradition is supported in many countries of the world, wishing a young family well-being and prosperity. A money tree presented for a wedding can be live or artificial. For example, the homemade flower of the fat woman, which in many houses is considered cash, is tied with banknotes and presented to the newlyweds in a beautiful ceramic pot.

Money tree as a gift to the bride

Memory photo session

Pay your girlfriend a wedding gift in the form of a photo shoot called Love Story. Before the wedding day, the photographer will meet with the couple in advance, work out gestures and facial expressions, so that the newlyweds in the frame feel more natural and relaxed. Make an order to the photographer of the wedding photo book, in which romantic photos with the participation of the bride and groom will be placed. This is a great gift-memory, which the bride will definitely like and will not leave the groom indifferent.

Gift from a girlfriend for a wedding - photoshoot

Unusual gift – balloon flight

A special gift for the bride will be a balloon flight. This magnificent present will turn a wedding celebration into an extravaganza, because a flight over the city will give newlyweds new wonderful emotions and charge them with the necessary portion of adrenaline. Often, newlyweds express a desire to fly in a balloon with friends, which makes the adventure even more interesting and fun.

Balloon flight as a gift to the bride

Favorite Concert Tickets

If a friend gives the bride a ticket to the concert hall, then this will be a welcome and inexpensive wedding present. Songs of the beloved performer, heard live, will remain in memory, because the gift of emotion, unlike a practical offering, is remembered forever. If the best friend of the newlywed can afford a more expensive gift, then the popular artists invited to the wedding will turn her into an unforgettable show.

Gift from girlfriend: concert ticket

Subscription to the fitness center

It is considered original among girlfriends to present a monthly subscription to a fitness center as a gift. Only it should be given with caution so as not to inadvertently offend the bride. Presenting a subscription is only for the girl who has the perfect figure and she systematically visits the gym. If the bride is chubby, such a present will be considered a hint that she does not monitor her appearance.

Fitness wedding gift subscription

Heart Mugs

If the best friend of the newlywed acts as a witness, then a cool addition to the main present will be a set of two circles in the form of hearts. It’s great if the heart circles change their color, depending on the temperature of the drink: hot water will make them brighter. Such an offering will symbolize the feelings of the newlyweds who are able to transform the world around for the better..

Original mugs as a gift to the bride

Fondue set

Fondue Set – a wonderful wedding present for real gourmets. Such an idea will be to the taste of the newlywed, because the fondue set is able to create a cozy microclimate in the newlyweds' house. Fondue – this is a quick and tasty way to feed guests without spending a huge amount of time cooking dishes. Savoring the wine and enjoying the various dishes prepared using the fondue set, the newlyweds will always enjoy the visit of friends.

Useful Wedding Present - Fondue Set

Ball of fate

An extraordinary and useful wedding offering to a friend will be a magic ball of fate. Such a gift will not go unnoticed, because it gives answers to emerging questions. All people have moments in life when they do not know what to do, and in such periods extra signs of fate are sorely lacking. And here the ball donated by her friend will come to the rescue, helping to make the right decisions. To get an answer to a question of interest, you need to shake the subject and the magic pyramid that is inside the ball will give the answer.

Ball of fate - an unusual gift for a wedding

What gifts can you make yourself?

There are a huge number of creative ideas for wedding presentations. The girlfriend of the newlywed, who has access to her photos and has computer skills, has a unique opportunity to prepare for the newlyweds a slide show or video presentation with an original plot. It can be a beautiful fairy tale with a happy ending, the main characters of which will be the bride and groom.

Short-lived, but very pretty and tasty wedding offer made by a friend on her own – This is a fruit bouquet. They are replaced by an ordinary bouquet of flowers, which is presented to the young. Such a fruit still life will decorate any, even the most sophisticated wedding table. The girlfriend of the bride can make a bouquet decorated:

  • with icing;
  • chocolate
  • decorated with fresh flowers.

It’s great if the girlfriend of the bride and groom has creative skills, for example, draws pictures or embroiders. Individual creative offerings will never lose their relevance. For example, a picture in which the newlyweds are depicted in the form of Adam and Eve, or beautiful hand-made embroidery on the sleeping set will make a splash, but only on condition of high-quality performance. The needlewomen should remember that the work should be created immediately before the wedding, and not taken from their previous works that someone has already seen.

The original fruit bouquet as a gift to the bride

Wedding present from best friend

If you are preparing to go to the wedding of a close friend, then you should know: from you, the gift will not be important for the bride and groom, but the meaning that it bears. Even if it is an indispensable and practical offering for a married couple in everyday life, you need to come up with a cheerful subtext to it. For example, give money by tying it to a brick and say: « This is the first contribution to building your own home.».

A variety of certificates or diplomas will be a fun option, for example, a document giving the right to use my husband as a workforce (take out the trash, help with cleaning). A driver's license for the right to drive a stroller will amuse not only the newlyweds, but everyone present at the wedding. The bride’s best friend came up with a very touching congratulation in the form of a rap song, you can see it in this video: