Is it obligatory to give flowers for the wedding?


You doubt whether it is worth giving flowers to the newlyweds? After all, they will soon fade, and the gift presented in their place will be kept all his life. No one will give you an exact answer to this question, both options have the right to life. You will make the right decision yourself. Just imagine the situation for a moment - you are standing in a crowd of guests meeting newlyweds, everyone has beautiful bouquets in their hands, and you are holding a gift. Would you also want to please the young with bright, fragrant beauty that creates the atmosphere of a holiday? If your answer is yes, then further reading is worth continuing..

What flowers are given for the wedding??

After the festive dresses are selected and gifts are bought for the young, it is time to think about which flowers are best for the bride. It has long been noticed that the best are gifts from the heart. Regardless of which bouquet you prefer, buy and give it with love. Each flower has its own special meaning. Therefore, it is useful to know what the plant symbolizes, so that you can say in your tongue to the young that which you sometimes cannot express in words.

  • Rose is the most frequent guest at weddings. White roses symbolize innocence, chastity, red roses - love and passion. It is recommended to give the bride not scarlet, but pink or tea shades that embody the tenderness and sophistication of her nature. Do not make a bouquet too bulky, 5-9 buds will be enough.

Roses in a beautiful wedding bouquet

  • Lily - tender, charming, pleases the eye with the splendor of form and a variety of different shades, from snow-white and light peach to tiger ripples. Lily does not carry any specific meaning, everyone interprets its meaning in its own way. Such a bouquet will be a great gift if the bride is not allergic to pronounced smells.

Lilies - flowers for the newlyweds

  • Orchids are plants unusual for our weddings, but this does not in the least diminish their beauty. Orchids for a wedding promise young eternal love. Exotic beauties symbolize a sizzling passion.

A bouquet of orchids for a wedding

  • Callas, elegant and strict, are not taken symbolically, they are a sign of friendly attention and good location. And they carry a favorable energy, so callas in the hands of the bride is considered a talisman of a new family. He will help the young confront evil forces and preserve their alliance for a long time..

Callas as a gift to the newlyweds

  • Gerberas and daisies will certainly cause a smile on the face, tenderness of the bride. Cheerful suns give warmth, good mood. The best colors for a wedding are orange or pink. They will bring young luck, love, family happiness.

Gerberas and daisies - flowers for the young

  • Lilies of the valley are ancient flowers revered by all nations. Nobody ever said anything negative about them. The little bells of the lily of the valley the sages called «stairs to paradise». A snow-white plant symbolizes purity, fidelity, good intentions, openness and sincerity of feelings.

Lilies of the valley - the best flowers for a wedding

  • Japanese call chrysanthemums a symbol of vitality. We associate them with friendship, the ability to overcome difficulties and enjoy life. A bouquet of chrysanthemums will appeal to a cheerful chef who leads an active lifestyle.

We give chrysanthemums to the wedding

The meaning and symbolism of the color of the bouquet

Even if a bouquet combines flowers of several shades, it is nevertheless sustained in any one tonality. For the wedding, choose gentle, pastel colors, trying to avoid harsh, saturated and dark shades. Each color has its own symbolic meaning. It’s good to know about him before you make your choice..

  • White flowers are presented to the young as a symbol of a clean and tender relationship.

White flowers are often presented for a wedding

  • Reds mean love and passion, are not quite suitable for a guest, the bridegroom should give it to the bride.
  • A green bouquet, as a sign of family harmony and hope for a good future, is quite suitable as a gift.
  • Orange shades are very appropriate at the wedding as a wish to young family well-being, comfort in the house, good health.

Orange flowers are suitable for a wedding.

  • Give yellow bouquets with caution; some people still believe that they bring separation. Although the yellow color itself symbolizes the sun, warmth, light and joy.
  • Compositions involving purple flowers are interpreted in different ways. Some consider them extremely elegant and beautiful, while others see them as a symbol of sadness..
  • Having presented a young bouquet of blue, you wish them a long, loyal family life, devotion and constancy.

Newlyweds will be happy with blue flowers

How many flowers should be in the bouquet?

Having settled on a certain type of flowers for a wedding bouquet, you should decide on their number. The main rule - there should be an odd amount of flowers. Rose lovers usually pick at least five large buds. The more flowers there are, the more magnificent the bouquet. For example, a composition of 25 roses looks chic and romantic. Admirers of gerberas are advised to choose at least nine pieces for the wedding bouquet. For other flowers, the number of buds does not matter, because the point is not in it, but in skillfully composed composition. Another opinion voiced in the video.

Can I give in pots or baskets?

Many doubt whether it is worth giving flowers in baskets for a wedding, or is this method acceptable only at sad events? We answer this question right away - discard unnecessary prejudices, give! Flowers presented in pots or baskets will look elegant and beautiful. Entire floristic compositions are compiled from them, from which you can not take your eyes off. Florists pack flowers in a basket so that they will remain fresh for a long time, for this there are a lot of little tricks and devices.

Having received a flower arrangement in a basket as a gift, the bride will be able to carry it with ease, and then put it in a banquet hall in a prominent place. For such a bouquet, you do not need to look for the appropriate vase. Flowers in a basket are packed with a supply of water for a long time. By originality, such compositions are superior to conventional cut bouquets, and the ease of use and long shelf life have won the trust of many people.

Flower arrangements in baskets

What to present as a gift instead of flowers?

To sparkle with originality, give the newlyweds a non-standard bouquet. You can order an unusual composition or a basket of sweets, caramel roses. Figurines of fairy-tale heroes or floral paintings created by florists delight the eye. Another novelty is the lettering on the flowers with the wishes of the young, and even whole images. Such «talking flowers» become a real work of art, a luxury worth a lot of money. For newlyweds with a sense of humor, you can create an amazing bouquet using small soft toys instead of flowers.

Custom wedding bouquets

Bouquet in the form of toys

Want to surprise relatives at the wedding? Then get figures and toys made from flowers - a novelty in wedding fashion. Experienced florists will arrange flowers in the form of a cartoon character, a white swan, in the shape of a heart, or a whole picturesque picture with a landscape that will take your breath away at the sight of your gift. Agree, presenting such a masterpiece to young people is much more prestigious than just a bouquet of flowers, even the most beautiful ones. You can easily make a composition in the shape of a heart with your own hands. The process is clearly shown in the video..

Flower toys as a gift to young

Made of chocolates

The basis of such a bouquet was expensive chocolates in colorful packaging, diluted with bright multi-colored ribbons, flowers. Seeing once such an exclusive thing, you can not refuse it. A bouquet of chocolates looks much more attractive than a regular bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate sweets. It is both a beautiful surprise and a delicious treat. A similar work is made by skillful florists and designers, and dignifies the wedding table. How to make a simple bouquet yourself, see the video.

Sweet candy bouquets for a wedding

Baskets of Caramel Roses

Want to make the honeymoon of young people even sweeter? Then give them a wedding basket with flowers from caramel mass. Amazingly beautiful, a sweet gift will delight its guests with a view of all those sitting at the table. Such a bouquet will not only not fade a few days after the wedding, but will give the young couple a good mood for a long time. They will give them a lot of beautiful fresh flowers, but such a fabulous bouquet will be only with you.

Caramel Flowers for Young

What flowers are not desirable to give?

Before choosing this or that bouquet, try to find out local traditions and ask the indigenous people of the area what flowers it is not customary to give them for a wedding. Indeed, different peoples may have different concepts on this subject. In one country, purple is considered a sign of greatness and wealth, and in others - a symbol of sadness. The same applies to yellow - for many it is a harbinger of separation. There are several generally accepted rules that should be followed:

  • Do not give red roses to the wedding. Red is the color of lovers, and guests are advised to give bouquets of more modest, pastel colors.
  • For a celebration held in the banquet hall, do not choose flowers with a pronounced aroma, so as not to affect the well-being of newlyweds and guests who are allergic to heavy smells.
  • Bulbous flowers are not the best choice for a wedding celebration. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths are more suitable for another, more modest event. People may think that you bought the first bouquet.
  • Carnations, especially red ones, are usually given for round dates or funerals. Therefore, do not buy them for the newlyweds. Only a large, beautiful bouquet of white carnations will be acceptable..
  • Make sure that the purchased flowers do not have spikes, it is better to remove them immediately.

These flowers do not give to the wedding

At the flower market or florist shop, a whole sea of ​​diverse colors. Eyes run up, thoughts are lost. Take your time when choosing a bouquet for your wedding. Think about what you would like to tell young people what to wish. After all, the right bouquet will help you express your feelings. Listen to your heart and it will tell you the right decision.