Gifts for a pink or pewter wedding


A pink wedding is the second name for a tin wedding, which is a wonderful event for a couple who have lived together for ten years. Tin serves as a durable material, which solders various details, so it was chosen by the second name of the anniversary, as a symbol of a strong relationship between husband and wife, united forever. This is a truly significant date, which is worthy of a solemn holiday with dear guests. Ahead of someone's pink wedding is what to give your beloved, friends or parents?

When the pink wedding is celebrated - after 10 or 17 years?

The pink wedding, also called tin, has two dates. So, the first tin wedding (it is also pink) in the joint life of the spouses is a round date, which is celebrated on the day of the 10th anniversary of the marriage. This is an important anniversary, which symbolizes a strong relationship between spouses. The second pink wedding takes place after 17 years, this is an informal date, which, as a rule, is not celebrated with a wide circle of friends. It symbolizes the anxious relationship of a married couple and is designed to refresh each other's tender feelings with mutual attention, symbolic gifts..

What is given for a wedding anniversary of 10 years?

Pink roses are the main gift for this date. A husband pampers his beloved wife with flowers of this shade, with gentle attention and once again reminds how much he loves her. It is considered a good omen if you add one white rose to the bouquet. According to popular belief, the white queen of flowers is a symbol of hope that a husband gives his wife for the next joint years, so that they live them, experiencing happiness, joy and love. It's nice to give flowers, but to see the delight in the eyes of a loved one is a real reward.

Bouquet with a white rose for a tin wedding

In addition to roses, there is a huge variety of interesting gift options that will be appropriate on the day of the pink (tin) wedding. It all depends on who you want to give the present to - your beloved wife, dear husband, your own parents, best friends or good friends. Options for items and things that are better to give, vary depending on the allocated budget and time of year.


A loving husband will do everything for his life partner: he will present with precious gifts, throw all the flowers of the world at his feet, envelop him with his priceless love, wake him up with a million sweet kisses. He will surely remind how dear to her he is, arrange the most unforgettable and unique holiday in their life together, and begin to give presents that are pleasant to the heart. Often the husband doubts what to choose in the end to give from the heart? Below you will find some relevant ideas to help you make a dizzying impression on your precious wife..

What to give your wife for a pink wedding

  1. Give her a beautiful pink underwear. This will be a gift not only for her, but also for you, because she will definitely want to please her beloved man with a seductive appearance in a new gift.
  2. A gold ring with a pink gem will be more appropriate than ever on the day of the tenth anniversary of marriage. An alternative can be earrings of the same color (sister) or another accessory of a luxurious plan, indicating how much you love your wife. It’s very nice to give such gifts, because they always impress.
  3. Have a romantic walk on this day. Leave your child at your parents and invite your sweetheart to a rosé wine tasting, then head off for an unforgettable dinner in a luxurious restaurant.
  4. Closer to the night at home light aroma candles, cover the love bed with pink silk, decorate the bedroom with red rose petals and remind the woman of your whole life how much you love her.

To her husband

On the day of a decade of living together with a man who has been a reliable support for you, a faithful partner and the most coveted on earth, your wife will definitely want to give something special, impressive. In this regard, a loving woman will always find a couple of interesting ideas. Check out below a few good options that would be a valuable gift for your beloved husband on a pink (tin) wedding anniversary.

Gift for husband on a pink wedding

  1. Some men are fond of weapons, so for a tin wedding, products from this material will become very appropriate, for example, a handmade tin knife.
  2. Give a tin beer mug - it will also be a very valuable gift for your beloved husband on such a holiday.
  3. Book and pay your loved one a relaxing massage in an expensive spa, the end of which will be a joint relaxation for taking no less pleasant and relaxing treatments.

Tin Wedding Gift Ideas (Photos)

A gift is a thing that should bring only pleasant emotions, be appropriate, desired and leave pleasant memories for many years. Often, choosing a gift for any occasion becomes a whole problem, and a pink wedding is no exception. Look at what interesting options are presented in the photo, look at examples that you can use as ideas for a souvenir for a married couple on the day of the decade of their life together.

Tin Wedding Gifts

To friends and relatives

Ten years of marriage is such a special day for friends that I want to give them an equally extraordinary gift. It is clear that a souvenir for a pink wedding should adhere to the theme of the holiday, but I want it to be useful at the same time. To facilitate the task and find what you need, you must take into account the preferences of the heroes of the occasion. And to make the choice easier, check out a few relevant tips for interesting tin wedding souvenir ideas:

  • Give your friends and relatives the same pink roses: this sign of attention on this day will never be superfluous, but will only add beauty and romance to the festive evening.
  • The next idea is to give a huge flower vase. It should be decorated, for example, with tin roses.
  • A wonderful gift for a couple at all times is an expensive set of bedding. It can be pink silk with delicate rose prints..
  • Give tin dishes, household items, candle holders with tin elements, etc..
  • Match the theme of the celebration and give any gifts, the main condition is pink or tin.

Tin Wedding Friend Gift Ideas

What gifts can you make yourself?

Present a DIY wedding gift for a pink wedding. Such a surprise will turn out to be a valuable gift for anniversaries, filled with love and care, will bring a huge amount of delight to the heroes of the occasion and will be marked by pleasant words of gratitude. Use this idea to pleasantly surprise a couple who celebrates their tenth anniversary of living together. Here are a few ideas for a beautiful handmade gift:

DIY wedding pink gifts

  1. If you are a creative person, draw a colorful pink picture with floral patterns or other landscapes.
  2. The next idea is quilling. You will enjoy making do-it-yourself quilling flowers. Put your soul in - and the gift will for a very long time remind you of your dear attention to the anniversaries.
  3. Sew a decorative pillow from pink textile, knit a beautiful napkin using the same pink color scheme.
  4. Bake a huge cake, cover it with pink cream, and also decorate with mastic roses. Present it as a striking symbol of the pink wedding of a married couple.
  5. Alternatively, you can make a pink bouquet of sweets. A video on this subject will help you, which will serve as a small master class:

Pink wedding what is better to present? This is a great occasion to show your partner how dear he is to you that feelings of strong and passionate love have not only not faded away, but have gained even greater power. It doesn’t matter what value the gifts will be, always the most important thing is your priceless attention and sincere wishes that will show all your affection, care and reverent attitude. Give only what will actually be the most expensive for those who celebrate the pink wedding.