Cool wedding gifts


A wedding in the life of every newlywed takes an important place in importance. Wedding rings, beautiful dresses, guests - all this will be remembered for a long time. But there is another wonderful moment at the wedding - the time of giving gifts to the newlyweds. Some presents will be remembered, some will quickly be erased from memory. Many guests do not puzzle over the choice of a wedding gift - they give an envelope with banknotes, the issue is considered resolved. But it is unlikely that the newlyweds will remember who and how much gave them money, if the guests do not forget to put a signature on the envelope.

Cool Wedding Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

The newlyweds will remember the guests who managed to come up with cool gifts for the wedding for a long time and with a smile sort through the funny moments of presenting presents. It is important not only to come up with or find an interesting idea on the Internet, you also need to implement it correctly, beautifully and on time, so that it turns out fun, with a hint and not offensive to the participants in the action. We offer you a small sightseeing tour, during which the ideas of cool gifts eloquently speak for themselves.

Glass jar with banknotes

If you decide to give the newlyweds a present expressed in banknotes, then you should do it with humor and ingenuity, then your gift will not be lost among the rest. A simple and original solution is to put money of various denominations in a transparent jar, close it and come up with an inscription for a sticker, for example, «Family Bank», «Cabbage in its own juice», «Dried greens». Show your imagination, come up with your original label, and indicate how to use the contents of the can on the sticker.

Gift in the form of canned notes

Cool gift - a plot on the moon

The site on the moon presented for the wedding is a romantic, albeit virtual, gift. But it is quite possible to obtain a certificate of ownership of a small area of ​​the Earth satellite legally. Since 1980, Dennis Hope, who has found a niche in international law, began selling sites on the Moon and Mars to everyone. The presentation includes a document on ownership of property, a map of the planet.

Lunar section, as a virtual wedding present

Hot air balloon or hang glider trips

If the newlyweds lead an active lifestyle and love a healthy extreme - such an unusual gift will delight them. The feeling of flying inspires, at the height of the young couple will repeatedly want to once again admit their feelings to each other. Flight and romance are always nearby, and unforgettable impressions of the gift - air travel, are guaranteed for many years..

Wedding flight in a hang glider or a balloon

Comic gift - cartoon for the bride and groom

A cartoon picture should be attributed to monumental gifts, which will be passed on to next generations. The picture, made in a playful form, will present the main characters of the newlyweds. They are surrounded by the plot of their favorite subjects, talking about their hobbies, because the present will be appreciated both by the guests and by the participants in the humorous plot.

Original cartoon wedding present

Set of two t-shirts with a funny inscription

Presenting a set of paired t-shirts as a gift for the wedding, the guests make it clear that they are confident in the sincere feelings of the young couple, which will not fade for many years. The gift is beautiful, romantic and informative. Wearing paired t-shirts, the newlyweds will cause looks of emotion from others. Funny t-shirts are worn on weekdays and at parties, instead of suits.

Pair t-shirts for newlyweds in love for a wedding

Blue and red pairs of wrestling gloves

A joking gift will be two pairs of wrestling gloves in blue and red, symbolizing the male and female principles in color. When giving a present, do not forget to wish that the gift was used only for the interior, and not for its intended purpose «sort out adult relationships». Newlyweds will appreciate your joke with a hint and will keep the gift as a symbol of reconciliation during disagreements and strengthen relationships.

Boxing gloves for honeymooners

Huge plate «for two»

The symbol of the large plate presented for the wedding means unity in all cases of life. No matter what boundaries cross the space of the dish, there is always a good right word at the right time. They keep such gifts as a reminder that you cannot glue the broken one. And the plate, where all the negative aspects of family life are written, must be presented to the newlyweds so that they together smash it on the floor. According to signs, from that moment on, all misfortunes will bypass the young family.

Plates with meaning for the newlyweds

Coffee maker and one pair of slippers

A gift with a hint - a coffee maker and only one pair of slippers, so that the couple take turns in the morning to make coffee and bring to bed their beloved half. How to establish the priority, they will decide for themselves, and the coffee maker will benefit the young family, as one of the first contributions to the general piggy bank of acquisitions. Slippers can also be used in everyday life, for those who get up first in the morning.

Useful gift - coffee maker and slippers

Fan or air conditioner

Another interesting gift idea is a fan or air conditioning. The present will be especially relevant if the wedding takes place in summer or spring, in anticipation of the hot season. Upon delivery, it is worth telling the newlyweds a humorous wish that with the help of a gift they cool in time their excessive ardor, which can sometimes lead to quarrels, and this should not be their place in a young family.

Wedding household gift for cooling the dust

Variants of cool gifts for guests from young

Souvenirs given to guests by newlyweds are divided into two categories: gifts for participating in competitions and gifts for the memory of the wedding. Both options may contain a humorous note. It will be interesting to present each guest with baked cookies on the eve, inside of which notes with predictions are enclosed. Offering guests to eat cookies and read a joking note aloud, the newlyweds will raise their spirits to an even higher level.

Pre-ordered magnets or trinkets with the image of the newlyweds handed by them to each guest will please everyone present. For the original presentation of the present at the wedding, use a balloon. Place small gifts inside the balloon, inflate it, why tie it to the chair of each guest. Then none of the guests will be left without a souvenir, and the atmosphere of the holiday will be felt doubly.

Original presents for wedding guests

How to present your present in an original and joking manner

Gifts presented with jokes, laughter, to general applause and fun, will be remembered by the newlyweds for a long time. By multilayer packing a box into a box by the type of nesting dolls, it’s rare to surprise anyone. Having slightly changed the contents, instead of a gift, putting an outwardly recognizable key to the place where the present is, it will turn out to play the bride and groom. The gift itself, especially if it is voluminous, the newlyweds will find by signs. Anyone can make an original gift, the main thing is how it will be presented, what words will be spoken.

What gifts can you make yourself

In recent years, fashion for handmade gifts is gaining momentum. In this case, part of the spiritual warmth that is felt at the energy level is given. Newlyweds will be pleased to accept small, but made with love, presents. Self-related «bags of happiness and love», will not require large expenditures, but the spouses will carefully store them, as well as «double heart».

Wedding trifles for newlyweds

Many new needlewomen liked the new direction of paper plastics - cakes with wishes. Inside each «pieces of cake» put a small present or wish and present at the wedding. Stitched decorated pillows, painted paintings, bouquets made of polymer clay - this is a small list of items that you can make yourself and then give to the newlyweds on your wedding day.

Hedgehog Gauntlets

The original idea to give the newlyweds a pair of knitted mittens, with a hint to keep each other in «hedgehogs» mittens and did not allow to relax. Reasonable control by each spouse will never be superfluous. Presentation «hedgehogs» attributes will be a funny moment when giving gifts to the newlyweds, especially if it is accompanied by poetic wishes. Sometimes for such «hedgehog» ideas use buttons or carnations, but it’s less practical compared to solid knitted original mittens.

Hedgehogs as a gift to young spouses

Brick packed in colorful paper with bows.

All humorous gifts have a semantic connotation. Having packed the usual building brick into beautiful paper, decorated with bows, hand it to the newlyweds, and preferably to the bride. From unexpectedly heavy gift and reaction of the girl everyone will have fun. The gift unpacked by the newlyweds will bring surprise, but only until the moment you explain the meaning that this is the foundation of their happy family life. Inside the brick, if desired, make a secret cache with a surprise in the form of money.

Brick in gift wrapping for the foundation of the family

Joking diplomas or medals

Medals and diplomas in a humorous form can be awarded to everyone present at the wedding, without exception. Come up with nominations in advance regarding newlyweds, close relatives, guests participating in competitions. The presentation should take place in a festive atmosphere, and the congratulatory speech should end with applause. You can make fun souvenirs yourself or purchase ready-made ones..

Joking medals and certificates

Video - tips: how to give fun money for a wedding

Many ways have been thought out how to give money beautifully. After watching the video hint, let us recall once again that it is no longer fashionable to give banknotes in an envelope for a wedding, although this method is still alive. If you are interested in the topic of making a gift with your own hands, then with the help of banknotes and without hesitation, get down to business. Make flower buds based on banknotes, wire, make a bouquet and present to the newlyweds. Such a gift will not look boring.

The pictures, laid out in the shape of a tree, or the original beads, where the bills are the basis, will bring not only beauty, but also financial support to the new family. Canned money that «stored in the bank» - An original approach with humor to the issue of presenting a wedding gift with banknotes. Boxes, handmade jewelry boxes for money will be an interesting gift for newlyweds.

Photo of cool wedding gifts

Having received an invitation to a wedding, guests from the first days think not only about the outfit in which they will be present at the celebration, but also about the gift that will be presented to the newly made spouses. Sometimes the present itself acts as a playful nominee. For example, when giving a vacuum cleaner, the broom plays the role of a guarantor of quality, and bedding with drawings of cupid arrows or pictures from the Kama Sutra will become a thematic gift. By connecting imagination, improvising, make the wedding interesting, memorable. A selection of photos will help you..

A selection of cool wedding presents