Wedding gifts with meaning

Lovers look forward to their own wedding day, even with awe. Two fates are united together, a new life begins. The tradition has developed so that they present practical things necessary for family life at a wedding for young people. Isn’t it time to sweep away the stereotypes and present the unusual – full of meaning or humor – surprise?

How to choose interesting wedding gifts

The question of what to give the newlyweds for the wedding is not easy at first glance. If you approach him creatively, be puzzled by him not on the very eve of the celebration, but a few weeks before him, then the answer will come by itself. Especially if you consider the tips below:

  • The more official the celebration, the more conservative the present. It’s better to know in advance what style the wedding ceremony will take place in order to choose a surprise filled with meaning and appropriate in each specific situation.
  • «Homemade» doesn’t mean «bad» or «cheap». Do not think that you can give for the wedding only a purchased present. Feel the strength with your own hands to make a gift, a decorative memorabilia? Feel free to get down to business.
  • Much depends on who you belong to the bride and groom, what kind of relationship between you. If a beautiful girl in white – your old friend, and a representative man supporting her – good buddy, the gift can be truly innovative. The bride and groom – your distant relatives with whom you have a very weak relationship? Most likely, your humor, creativity will not be appreciated.
  • Choosing a gift with which you will go to the wedding, do not proceed from generally accepted criteria. Do not look for a voluminous, expensive, solid object. The presentation should carry a meaning, bring joy, positive. Otherwise, the thing will gather dust in the far corner or even end up in the pantry.
  • Universal gift – money! They can and should be presented unusually.

Present for the wedding

Cash gift for the wedding of the newlyweds

The most obvious answer to the question of what to give for a wedding, – money. In many ways, such a present is justified: a fun festival is associated with impressive spending. Often, newlyweds or their parents have to go into debt to cover all expenses. However, even such a practical gift can be presented without boring. Standard, albeit colorfully designed, envelope for money – not your way!

Fill the bills in an interesting piggy bank, a huge suitcase or a strong book-safe. Fill them with a glass jar by decorating the gift with a financially attractive label. Attach them to the inside of a huge umbrella: opening it, the newlyweds will find themselves in a real rain of money. Put them in balloons and, filling them with air, present the bunch to the heroes of the occasion. With this gift, the financial beginnings of a young family will turn out to be fantastically successful!

Money umbrella

Fancy Wedding Gifts

The choice of a wedding gift with a meaning largely depends on hobbies, lifestyle, nature of the bride and groom. Inveterate travelers will be delighted with a gift tour to new, unexplored places, sports lovers – certificate for the purchase of a long-term subscription to a first-class fitness center, film fans – home theater. Present the gift both unusual and practical:

  1. Superior quality bedding with embroidered touching or romantic phrase;
  2. paired bathrobes;
  3. tablecloths, towels – textile with monograms gifted or with thematic inscriptions.

Comic wedding gifts

Do not think that the original wedding gifts for the newlyweds must be thorough. Presentations can carry a fair amount of humor, a hint understandable to a friend / friend, and a second half, and to all close guests:

  1. For a newly made couple dreaming of their own home, present a brick and spatula beautifully tied with ribbon.
  2. For newlyweds waiting for a child or dreaming of an early replenishment in the family, present a certificate for the right to birth and raise as many children as possible.
  3. Show some imagination – your cool wedding gifts with the meaning of a newly made family will be praised for many more years. Present to a very young couple a certificate that gives you the right to quarrel only once a year. Accompany the gift with a set of paper or plastic disposable tableware for whipping.
  4. Middle-aged newlyweds, with established habits and character, will certainly come in handy female-male and male-female phrasebook.
  5. Just like everyone will like a huge wicker basket, filled to the brim with goodies, – so that life together is sweet.

Sweet baskets

Creative gifts with meaning

If you have creative abilities in any field, then for you to come up with wedding gifts with meaning should not be any difficulty. Congratulation, presented as a comic or thought-provoking verse, a mischievous song with a story that awaits the newlyweds in their new life, as a video clip from joint photographs or videos, is appropriate. Surprise is guaranteed to decorate the evening. If you or any of your girlfriends – skilled craftswoman, make a beautiful album for keeping a family record. A gift will certainly enjoy!

Funny gifts

If the newly made husband and wife are not without a sense of humor, give them a funny gift. For example, a set «oncoming» rolling pins of different sizes (depending on how late the faithful returned from work) and matched water containers (this will help cool the fervor of an angry wife). Many will love the huge brightly decorated raincoat tent – to always overcome the difficulties of a joint journey together. For advice and love to prevail between the spouses, give them a couple of clockwork lovebirds. Let their hosts sort things out!