The main types of dances taught in dance schools

Dancing has always been popular. And recently, there has been an increase in their popularity. Many of us want to learn how to dance. Therefore, every day new dance schools open. In this article, we will consider the main types of dances that we are offered to master.

Strip plastic is very popular. Its main components are inner fire and passion. The dance shows independence, femininity, plasticity, emotions, artistry and play. The main task is to teach the student the feeling of their own body and help in creating a unique, special style. This dance form is perfect not only for those who already have basic dance training, but also for people who want to learn how to dance great.

Dance-flirting is called club latina. Salsa is hot, hot and incendiary. No one can resist the newly opened lifestyle after visiting the world of Salsa. The dance is filled with primitive emotions, seething passions, it lacks false embarrassment, shame and constraint. Everyone gets the opportunity to express to their partner or partner their desires and admirations. Another type of club latin is considered to be Salsa Casino. Its foundation is Cuban music and movements from Guarach. The dance has a fantastic rhythm throughout its duration. Geometrically, it looks like a wheel, the center of which is the axis between the partner and the partner.

Among the young generation, tectonics are especially popular - one of the dance types that contains elements of locking, hip-hop, techno and popping. Many people think that learning tectonics is quite simple and does not require the advice of professional teachers. But these are deep misconceptions. The dancer is required not only knowledge of the dance base, but also the confidence of the dancer, the perfect coordination of the whole body, as well as his own style.

Among other types of dance art, capoeira stands apart. This is a special kind of martial art founded by slaves in Brazil. Capoeira combines elements of wrestling, dance, acrobatics and music. The dance is performed in a circle called - Roda, accompanied by live music, which can be aggressive or elegant depending on the surrounding situation. This type of martial art was created in order to liberate from slavery, and is now very popular. Capoeira is practiced in all countries of the world by all social strata of the population. This dance is intended both for self-expression and for self-defense..

To maintain excellent physical shape, people prefer to do break dance - one of the experimental dance forms. It combines the most diverse genres - acrobatics, dance itself, martial arts, pantomime. In break-dance there are no boundaries and frames; each dancer sets them for himself depending on the level of training and imagination. It is due to this that this dance form is constantly in development and improvement. Therefore, very often new styles and elements appear..

As you can see, there are a very large number of dance styles, but we have listed only modern ones. In addition to them, there are more traditional trends - cha cha cha, rumba, tango, classical waltz, club style of dancing, ballroom dancing, modern jazz and others.