Wedding veil with their hands: step-by-step master-classes on manufacturing of accessories for headband and hair clip photo


The wedding veil goes well with any outfits. It looks especially harmonious with dresses sewn from delicate fabrics with lace trim. With such an accessory it is easy to create a retro look, complementing it with a vintage robe. You can buy it at wedding salons, but it’s much more pleasant to make a wedding veil with your own hands. It should be remembered that you need to be able to combine it correctly with the dress: with a richly decorated outfit, the veil should be simple, and if the garment is concise, you can embroider the accessory with beads and pearls with rhinestones.

How to make a wedding veil with a flower hairpin

Wedding veils with flower are very popular among brides. They add a touch of retro, vintage, nostalgia to the image. It is very easy to make this accessory with your own hands, and it will create a stunning effect. Veils give a relaxed luxury, charm, femininity, sophistication to the bride. Most harmoniously, this accessory looks with a bunch, loose long curls, retro waves, short haircuts.

Veil for the bride with a flower

You should be able to choose the right size for the veil. In most cases, its width is 23, 30, 45 cm. If you only want to lightly cover your hair with an accessory, use a veil of the smallest width, and when you need to cover your eyes, then 30 cm will do. In some cases, brides want the wedding veil to go lower chin, choosing a width of 45 cm.

It is important to pay attention to the shade of a wedding accessory made by yourself. Traditionally used a grid of champagne or white. There are veillets with beads, velvet flies, pearls. You can create decorative ornaments yourself and attach to the accessory: small birds, hearts, cherries, stars or other applications, rhinestones, beads. Remember that the decor of the wedding veil must be combined with the dress and other details of the image.

Necessary materials

To create your own wedding hair accessory you will need the following:

Materials for a veil with a flower

  • white ribbon;
  • template for a flower;
  • needle and thread;
  • fabric for flowers;
  • glue or glue gun;
  • crest;
  • mesh veil 45 cm wide, 60 cm long;
  • barrette;
  • scissors.

Stages of creation

  • Using a template, cut 4 flowers from fabric.

  • Stack flowers on top of each other.

  • Fold the flower in half twice. Hold the base of the flower, spread the petals.

  • Fasten the base of the flower with stitches..

  • We select the two short sides of the grid, carefully fix.

  • Sew one end of the mesh to the middle of the tape. Fold the ends to the center, stitch again.

  • Glue a piece of white ribbon to the hairpin.

  • Glue the tape sewn to the net to the hairpin and fabric. After we sew the tape over and under the hairpin.
  • Sew or glue a flower onto a ribbon.

  • The opposite edge of the veil must be glued to the crest.


A neat veil perfectly complements the image of a gentle bride. She looks especially good on short haircuts, with styling «cold wave». The veil does not interfere with the creation of romantic, airy hairstyles. The abundance of all kinds of wedding veil options open up for brides the opportunity to choose what she likes best. And making an accessory with your own hands is not such a troublesome thing.

Variants of Veils for Brides with a Flower

Veil for the bride on a rim with a bow

Veil on the rim for the bride

According to traditions, the bride’s head is always covered with some accessory, for example, a romantic wreath, comb, classic veil. If the veil is too old for you, and the hairpin is not smart enough, then choose a veil. This accessory looks modern, stylish and festive. And we offer you a master class in creating a veil on a rim, decorated with a bow, in the style of Audrey Hepburn.

When creating your own veil, you need to choose the right fabric. The grid can have a different degree of rigidity, so this must be taken into account when creating your image. Imagine which lines are more to your face: clear or soft. Choose the color exactly, for this, when searching for material for the veil, it is better to take a piece of the dress fabric with you if you sew it on order.

Necessary materials

To create a do-it-yourself wedding veil on a rim with a bow, you will need such materials:

Required Materials for Veil

  • bezel;
  • a piece of dense cream or white material for a bow;
  • thread, needles;
  • sewing machine;
  • glue gun;
  • grid.

Stages of creation

  • From dense matter, we cut a rectangle 4 cm wide, 8 cm long. Fold it in half, sew along the length and width from the inside.

  • We turn it on the front side, sew up the remaining short edge.

  • In the center of the resulting bow base we are assembling.

  • Cut a piece of dense material 2 cm wide, 4 cm long.

  • Fold it in half, give a line. On the upper and lower edge we turn, hem.

  • We put the resulting short tube on our bow, move it to the center to hide the assembly.

  • Cut the grid, as shown in the figure..

  • One edge should be typed on a thread, pick up.

  • Sew the net to the bow from the bottom.
  • We put the mesh on the rim with a glue gun.


Wedding veils are suitable for brides with modern looks who prefer new trends and conciseness. This accessory looks especially appropriate at retro-themed weddings. The veil creates the color that is required by the image of the bride. Decor with feathers, flowers, bows gives a touch of romance. It is only necessary to correctly combine the decor of the accessory with the dress.

Headband Veils

DIY wedding veil

The wedding veil, which mysteriously covers the newlywed's face, is a romantic, delicate accessory that replaces a veil, wreath, diadem or comb. The advantage of this part is that it successfully fits any type of face. In addition, the veil is able to correct some imperfections, which the bride may be shy.