Veil on the scallop - the main types and how to attach with your own hands, photo


As the main decoration of hair during the wedding, many brides choose a beautiful veil. Thanks to an extensive assortment of wedding attribute models, each girl can choose an accessory to her liking. When the style is chosen and the veil is bought, the culprit of the occasion raises the question: how to fix it on the hair? There are options for fixing the accessory with hairpins, hair clips, invisible, crabs. For hairstyles with collected or semi-assembled hair, the method of attaching a veil with a comb is ideal, which can serve as an additional decoration of the image.

Types of Scallops for a Wedding Veil

Depending on the volume of the hairstyle, the thickness and severity of the hair of the hero of the occasion, the length of the veil, the number of teeth of the accessory and its width vary. For light weight hairstyles that do not have a special splendor, scallops with a small number of teeth are used - as a rule, six are enough. If the girl is the owner of thick long hair, and her veil is heavy, it is necessary to use wide scallops that will tightly fix the accessory. In unforeseen weather conditions, for example, during strong winds, the fastening must be thoughtful and especially strong.

What does a wedding headdress look like on a crest?

If the scallop weakly sticks to the hair or its teeth are too short, often stylists additionally use hairpins or invisibility crosswise to attach the accessory to the hairstyle - this reliably fixes the veil with the comb. In addition to functional differences, scallop hairpins differ in appearance, which allows the bride to create an original image using a certain type of veil accessory. Below we look at some of the most popular varieties of ridges for attaching a headgear.

Transparent or to match the hair

If a girl chose a veil for a wedding look, generously decorated with lace, pearls, embroidery or rhinestones, the option with a rich scallop design is not suitable. Too many attention-grabbing details will look tasteless, which is why brides often prefer laconic transparent scallops or hairpins that match the color of the hair. If the hero of the occasion chooses a comb to match the hair, it is important that the shades are combined perfectly, otherwise the mount will be unprofitable to stand out against the background of the bride’s hairstyle and veil.

Transparent Scallop Hair Clips

Plain or bright

The future wife has many options when choosing a scallop for attaching a veil. If during the wedding celebration you want to stand out and add a twist to the festive look, the girl can pick up a comb for attaching an original veil of a veil or use colored hair clips. A plain comb of a contrasting color, for example, blue, red or green, should go well with the rest of the image details (jewelry, manicure). It is important that the material from which it is made is of high quality, otherwise the hairpin will look ugly.

A colored veil is becoming a popular trend: if the future wife chose this accessory, then the comb of the corresponding shade is not a whim, but a necessity. It favorably emphasizes the color of the headgear, the main thing is to choose the right colors. The beauty in addition can choose bright scallops, for example, multi-colored or decorated with unusual details. Such ridges are decorated with feathers, decorated with polymer clay flowers, and decorated with colored enamel. See the options for unusual scallops for a veil in the photographs:

Bright comb options for the bride’s veil

With decorations in the form of rhinestones and flowers

Scallops that manufacturers decorate with shining rhinestones look gorgeous. These artificial pebbles look no worse than precious ones; they help to create a gorgeous solemn image of the bride. Rhinestones can lacquely decorate the top of the scallop with a thin strip of neatly laid stones or be inlaid in the crest details (flowers, butterflies, fancy metal patterns). Some bridal hairpins are made with a mini diadem: with such an accessory, the hero of the occasion will resemble a real princess.

Combs for bride veil with rhinestones

Flowers are especially popular as a decorating element, because they help to emphasize the romantic, touching image of the bride. These can be small artificial flowers located along the edge of the ridge or chic buds of decorative roses, orchids, etc. Living plants are also used in the design of the ridge, but decorating the accessory with them is much more difficult: you need to teip the stems first, take care of secure attachment.

Scallop flowers for veil

Do-it-yourself sewing workshop

It happens that it is difficult for the bride to find a veil that would look perfect, but there is a way out: it’s easy to make a beautiful headdress with your own hands. For the manufacture of accessories, as a rule, the following fabrics are used: tulle, mesh, tulle, organza. All of them differ in cost and quality: for example, tulle is hard, dense, therefore the headdress with it will be more magnificent in shape, and the veil made of light, airy tulle will turn out not so voluminous. Self-production will cost the bride much cheaper, in addition, the girl will be able to choose the most suitable decor for the dress.

The next master class will help the bride to make her own wedding headdress, which is attached to the scallop. In order to make such an accessory, you need to use a rectangular pattern. A veil based on this geometric figure, as a rule, becomes romantic, magnificent and beautiful, look at the picture with the finished result in the photo:

Pattern and final look of the bride’s veil

Necessary materials

  • White tulle or mesh for veil.
  • Colorless comb or comb to match hair.
  • White threads.
  • Needle.
  • Satin ribbon or lace for decoration..
  • Scissors.

Stages of creation

  • To create a veil, first you need to decide on its splendor. The larger the width of the fabric, the more voluminous the accessory will turn out. Try different options, trim and get to work (trim can be done with a seamstress so as not to spoil the material). Clean the table or other place where you will work clean. Then fold the fabric in half twice.
  • Now it is necessary to round off the edges of the trimmer with scissors. To do this, fasten the layers of fabric so that the material does not fidget, outline the line along which it will be necessary to cut off part of the future veil. If you are not sure that you can make neat rounded edges on the eye, you need to use the following trick: put a cardboard template on the fabric layers. Use this tool to trim.
  • Open the veil blank, check the picture: you should get a similar trim.
  • Then again fold the future veil in half before starting the final preparations - you will get a two-layer accessory. If you prefer the cascade option, the top edge should be about ten centimeters higher than the previous one. Check if the length of the future headgear is right for you. If necessary, trim one of the edges to the desired veil size..
  • Start assembling the veil: first you need to decide how to do it. In the first case, the accessory can be partially assembled, in the second - completely. After partial assembly, the headgear will not be too lush, after complete assembly - voluminous. The final choice depends on your personal preferences.Master class: creating a veil with a comb
  • Start to sew the fabric with a needle, collecting it, along the way well securing each new seam so that the material does not disperse. The assembly should be about five centimeters wide. Try to use thick, double-folded threads so that they do not tear during sewing.
  • Gently sew a scallop to the veil assembly site.
  • The wedding veil is almost ready, it remains only to lightly decorate it, if you wish. To do this, take a satin ribbon, sew it to the bottom edges with a sewing machine. Pull back a small distance from the end before decorating (about a centimeter or two) so that the fabric does not diverge. When the satin ribbon is sewn, cut off the excess pieces of fabric. Wedding accessory is ready!
  • Sewing a bride's veil with a comb

    How to sew a scallop to a veil

    A veil with a comb is an original, convenient accessory that will allow the girl not to worry about the safety of her hair. If the bride is going to make a high styling, which will be covered with a hat, the comb will be an ideal mount for him. How to sew a veil with such a hairpin was described in detail above..