Fancy Wedding Glasses

Unusual or decorated wedding glasses can add a sophisticated charm to the solemn day and create an atmosphere of romance and tenderness. Having shown imagination, it is possible to make the wedding glasses sparkle brilliantly not only in the hands of the newlyweds, but also in many wedding pictures.

For decoration of wedding glasses You can use fresh flowers, buttonholes, satin ribbons, silver or gold medallions. Glasses for the bride and groom may contain wedding symbols, for example, hearts or intertwined rings laid out of many rhinestones. Glasses can also be decorated with exclusive engraving. Specialized shops, salons or campaigns that engrave will make any of your wishes come true. As a picture, you can choose anything, up to a portrait of the newlyweds. Glasses decorated with crystal monograms look brilliant. Wedding glasses can also be painted with special paint for glass. If you have a desire to surprise the bride and groom, you can engrave the cup in the form of the names of the bride and groom, and pack the wedding glasses in a box on which to indicate the date of the celebration. Believe me, the newlyweds will keep such an original gift all their lives..

According to etiquette, the glass is held by the fingertips of one hand on the leg (first, so as not to heat the contents, and secondly, so that it does not lose its taste), then there will be no fingerprints on the glass. Take a glass by the cup and not aesthetically pleasing, and you won’t hear the gentle ringing, which is considered an important attribute in a solemn moment.

So, now you have an idea of ​​how to decorate wedding glasses beautifully and how to hold them in your hand. In a new way under ceremonial ringing of elegant glasses , dear newlyweds!