Wedding coats - a review of 2020 models, a step-by-step workshop with a photo


The bride devotes much time before the wedding to creating her solemn image. To look great, you need to bring all the elements of the dress to harmony - dresses, shoes, veils, jewelry. But what if the wedding takes place in winter - is it really possible to hide the beautiful decoration under an everyday coat, sheepskin coat or park? In the cold season, wedding coats come to the aid of the bride, photos of various models will be presented below. An elegant accessory will not only warm the hero of the occasion, but will also be a great addition to.

Which fur coat is better to choose?

A fur coat sewn using natural fur will be a wonderful decoration for the future wife and can serve her for many years after the acquisition. Choosing this beautiful accessory, the beauty should take into account the available budget in combination with her needs. What you need to pay attention to when buying natural fur coats:

  • Type of fur. For wedding wraps, sheepskin fur (muton), nutria, astrakhan fur are used, but the most popular options are fluffy mink and a delicate rabbit. Depending on the type of material, the price of the coat changes. The most expensive option is a stylish mink - an accessory with the fur of this animal requires large investments, but due to the quality it will be preserved for a long time.
  • Price. The cost of a fur coat varies depending on the place of purchase, decor, type of fur, length. If you go shopping at a bridal salon, the bride will be able to purchase an accessory that was created specifically for the wedding. As a rule, such fur coats are decorated with pearls, rhinestones, ribbons and feathers. The cost of this part of the winter wardrobe will be approximately the same as when purchasing a regular winter coat. In shops selling fur products, the hero of the occasion can find a cheaper option.
  • Colour. If the bride chose a classic snow-white dress for the image, it is worth giving preference to a fur coat of the same color. For a shade of ivory, the future spouse can find an accessory for the milk range. Well-suited pale pink, pistachio fur coats. Choosing the shade of a wedding wrap, the hero of the occasion should, first of all, think about her image. Some brides successfully combine white or milky color of a dress with a fur jacket of brown, sand colors.

Pink and milky colors of wedding fur coats

  • Decor Finding the perfect fur coat, the bride often meets accessories richly decorated with shining rhinestones, beads, ribbons. Such wraps, jackets, boleros are much more expensive than ordinary fur coats, but they usually look tasteless, because the fur is itself an ornament, it does not need to be additionally decorated. It is worth abandoning options for outerwear with buttons - shiny plastic or even wooden elements will look cheap against a background of chic natural fur.
  • Practicality. If financial opportunities allow, the future spouse can buy outerwear «at one time» - exclusively for the wedding. If the bride wants not only on the day of the wedding to show off in a chic coat, it makes sense to go shopping with fur products to choose a model suitable for everyday wear.
  • Style. There are many models of wedding coats - these are stylish jackets, fur coats with a hood, cropped accessories, vests, boleros, wraps. To proceed when choosing the style of outerwear you need from the cut of the wedding dress. For example, for a model with a lush, richly decorated skirt, the hero of the occasion can choose a shortened version of the accessory, and for a modest outfit of a direct silhouette - a chic long coat.

Fur accessory: coupling

Separately, you should think about the presence of a hood: this detail will help to protect the bride’s head from frost, but it does not combine with wearing a veil. In addition, for a fur coat with a hood, you need additionally «strengthen» hair so that it does not fall apart under the weight of the fur. Girls in an interesting position, too, will not be left without stylish outerwear: in the stores there are original models of a free cut, A-coat fur coats.

  • Additional accessories. An unusual for our time, but a beautiful accessory is the coupling, which is a furry hollow cylinder with holes on both sides, where the hero of the occasion hides his hands. This unusual type of outerwear will be an excellent replacement for gloves, but is considered a retro detail, so it will only fit a certain image. As for the fur coat, a three-quarter-sleeve model or a short poncho coat is ideal for a sleeve.

Choosing a fur coat made of natural fur before buying, the bride must definitely try on it together with the wedding dress - this will guarantee that all details of the outfit will be harmoniously combined with each other. If the girl does not have enough financial means to purchase beautiful fur outerwear, you can rent a stylish accessory. As a rule, you need to leave half the cost as a deposit - in case of damage to the fur coat, the culprit will have to redeem it completely.

From the rabbit

The snow-white rabbit will be a wonderful decoration for the bride in severe frost. The rabbit's fur is soft, warm, it will emphasize the tenderness and beauty of the girl. For the wedding, the future spouse will be able to find other shades of this material: ivory, sand, as well as unusual pink. Look at the photos of the beautiful options for outerwear for weddings with rabbit fur:

Beautiful rabbit fur coat for a wedding

From mink

Mink is the favorite fur of fashionistas from around the world. The possession of a mink coat emphasizes the status, and her refined appearance turns the bride into a real snow queen. If the budget is limited, it is possible to purchase a small mink cape or a warm collar with this material. Fluffy, soft mink will be a magnificent part of the wedding image of a beautiful woman.

Mink fur products for a wedding celebration

The nuances of choosing faux fur coats

Brides choose fur coats made of faux fur for various reasons. This may be a noticeable difference in cost from natural material or ethical beliefs about wearing animal fur. Now the look of faux fur coats is almost no different from real accessories, and the quality of this outerwear is no worse. What you need to pay attention to when choosing a fur decoration for a wedding:

  • If, when you come to the store, you see the inscription «Do not touch» - it means that manufacturers, like sellers, have something to hide regarding the quality of the goods. A good coat will withstand thousands of touches.
  • Remember the bottom and sleeves of the fur coat to make sure the material is soft. If not, such outerwear will be much colder than usual.
  • Pull the pile well. If his small particles remain on his hands - this is a poor-quality product.
  • If you find that the coat electrifies your hair, it is better to refuse it - such an accessory did not pass electrostatic treatment.
  • Attach a paper towel to the outer fur clothing: if it is dyed, it will become clear that the material is of poor quality.
  • The severity of a fur coat guarantees its warmth, but everywhere should be a measure. One square meter of good material weighs about 600 grams.

From swan fluff

Swan fluff is a great choice for the bride's outerwear for the wedding. This light, weightless fur creates the feeling that the hero of the occasion is wrapped in a real cloud. The material will emphasize the touching fragile image of the future wife, it will look great at a professional wedding photo shoot, however, the bride should take into account that it is unlikely that she will be able to wear such a fur coat after the wedding - it looks too solemn for everyday use.

Fur coats with swan down

How to sew a fur coat for a wedding with your own hands?

If the bride wants to save money or if she didn’t like a single fur coat seen in the store, she can sew a wedding accessory herself. Experienced seamstresses can try to create complex fur products - for example, a jacket, a long fur coat with sleeves or a model with a hood. Those girls who have little experience in sewing things, it is recommended to pay attention to simpler fur styles - bolero, poncho or capes.

Patterns and process description

  • The sewing process must begin with the construction of the pattern. Seamstresses already engaged in this can easily draw a future product on their own. A good option would be a trip to a professional tailor who will draw patterns of outerwear based on the chosen material.
  • Before using the finished picture, the bride must indicate the required length of the product, chest, waist, sleeve lengths, if any. Look at the photo below examples of patterns of wedding fur coats:

Wedding Bolero Pattern

Pattern of an original fur coat

  • After the patterns are ready, it's time to start processing the fur. The material must be cut, taking into account the growth direction of the animal’s hair. It is correct to make a cut from the inside out so as not to spoil the appearance of the fur. It is necessary to ensure that when cutting the skin the pile is not damaged. When everything is ready, you should clean off the leftover wool at the seams..
  • Then it is necessary to sew the details according to the figure, sew the lining of a suitable material (for example, satin) with a butt joint. The remaining slices are stitched with a zigzag stitch..
  • When the fur cape is almost ready, you need to sew on the buttons, but it is better to use internal loops - so expensive fur will not fail to contrast with plastic details.
  • Photos of models of winter wedding coats 2015

    A wedding coat is a fur outerwear that, thanks to the material, will warm and protect the bride from the cold in early spring, winter and autumn. To determine the style, fashionista and beauty, you need to study photos of various models presented on the catwalks in 2015, before the wedding. Among the classic fur coats there are exquisite options, decorated with antique brooches, lace. See photos of the new fashion season:

    Refined fur coats of 2015